Purchase Limits: 
So everybody gets a chance at some, we're limiting the purchase of the 2013 to one case per person, per visit. This means you can get back in line if you want to.  Or if there is no line, there's no limit.  However, if we see more than 130 people in line at noon when we're ready to open the door, we'll drop this limit down to a half a case.  (We may need to drop this limit further if there's a giant angry mob with pitchforks and torches outside, but we'll make that call on Release Day.)

For those that buy the limit of the new stuff, you'll also have a chance to buy some vintage Gratitude.  And for all "previously released" vintages, we're limiting you to one bottle of ANY vintage Gratitude, per person, per visit.  Again, you can get back in line, or if there's no line, there's no limit.

For the 2008A, there's a limit of one case.  Flatitude I, Flatitude II botttles have no purchase limits.  And there is no requirement to buy current-year Gratitude for these three beers.

And YES, we now take credit cards.

But before we get to the Release Day particulars...

To clear up a bit of confusion and update everyone on what's happening with this beer, past, present, and future, I figured it's time for a recap of everything we've ever made (or attempted to make) under the name GRATITUDE.  And provide an inventory of what's left here too!

First thing to note: We assign the year to the beer based on the BREW DATE, since that's when the yeast starts working and it starts being beer. Not the release date.

Year Bottles Filled Bottles Available Wax Color Label Bird Notes Price
2005 500 26 Red Crow $61
2006 1300 36 Orange Chickadee $54
2007 1500 26 Yellow Goldfinch $47
2008A 1400 1400 - House Sparow Subtle burnt flavor in finish. Labeled but never waxed, signed, numbered, nor sold. $15
2008 700 23 Green House Sparow Dark purple ink on label instead of black ink. $40
2009 1500 137 Blue Blue Bird $33
2010 1500 183 Indigo Indigo Bunting $33
2011 1500 1500 - (Unlabeled) Bottles never carbonated, not labeled, waxed, signed, no sold. Some draft sold. Aka "Flatitude I" $40/case
2012 1300 1300 - (Unlabeled) Bottles never carbonated, not labeled, waxed, signed, no sold. Some draft sold. Aka "Flatitude I" $40/case
2013 1600 1600 Violet Purple Martin First batch of Gratitude brewed on new brewhouse, and successfully bottle conditioned. Hot damn, we're back! $19/bottle

So, if you tally up our missteps here, you'll see that we've been sitting on roughly 4,400 bottles of substandard Gratitude, hoping it might improve.  The good news is that SOME of it HAS actually gotten a little better, but others are unchanged:

  • 2008A is aging well, and the subtle burnt note on the finish has faded over the years, to a point where the casual barleywine drinker (if there is such a thing?) might not pick up on it, if it were not mentioned beforehand.  But it's still there to be found if you look for it.  We drink a bit of this one in our house on a semi-regular basis.  So we'll release a bit of this, priced accordingly and of course with tasters provided so that you know exactly what you're getting into.
  • Flatitude batches are very unlikely to become carbonated in time for release day.  But  side from the lack of carbonation, the beer is tasting great.  So we're going to put some sort of super-simple utilitarian label on it, and offer it at deep discount: 4 bucks a bottle, 40 bucks for case of 12...partly so we don't have to look at it anymore, but mostly so we can get it into the hands of those of you who have asked for it.  (Some have told me they intend to force carb it in a corny keg at home, which is a great idea!)  We'll have tasters of this one too, of course.

Compared to what we've done in the past, this Release Day will be unique, in that we're making ALL of our vintage stock, EVERYTHING we have here, available on this day.  After all, we have a few more fermenters and a canning line to pay for!

As you can see from the run down above, for the older stock, there's roughly the same amount left from all the old vintages.  Not enough to do the "Stacked Verticals" as we have in the past, so we need to figure out how we're going to do this in a fair and equitable manner.  Maybe we will just sell them as singles with a case of new stuff?  But really, I haven't figured this part out just yet, so watch this space for an update in the weeks ahead, along with some pricing info.

This year's 2013 Gratitude will be released in its entirety as well, and if last year is a guide, all 1,600 bottles will be sold through.  So, if you want some, you should come on Release Day, or send a GOOD FRIEND.  

Also of note: Our GOOD BEER Investors will have first crack at everything we release on the Friday before release day, at the brewery location only, during regular Growler Hours.  This is part of the promise we made back when we started the GBIP just over 2 years ago.



SO, FOR THE RELEASE DAY:  Standard "East End Bottle Release Day Format" applies:

  • A BYOBeer Table where you are welcome to bring homebrew of commercial beers to share.
  • A BYOFood Table where you can do the same with snacks, potluck style.  And we'll put a bit out to get you started...along with general supplies like plates and napkins.

It should be a fun day, and a lot easier too, given the extra room we have here in the new place, both inside and out.  And of course, we'll have our full lineup of big bottles and draft offerings for tasters and Growler fills, maybe with a few special surprises thrown in for the day, just for fun.

I know a lot of people are interested in this beer - especially the vintage Gratitude.  So while I can't promise that we'll have enough of everything for everyone that wants it, I can promise that we will do everything we can to handle this in a fair and civilized manner, and that everyone present has a fair crack at what's here.

Now, I'd better get my signing/numbering hand into shape.  It's got about 1,600 bottles to finish up before the day comes.  And hey, thanks for waiting!


Cheers - Scott