Why, it's the very best friend a GOOD BEER drinker like yourself could ever have! It's one whole half-gallon (64oz) of the freshest brew you ever laid your lips on. Though now, we have 32oz half-Growlers too. Come by and we'll fill up a few for you while you wait...

    Growler fun facts

    • Completely reusable container - unless you drop it..
    • Holds half a gallon of fresh tasty beer - about 4-5 pints worth. (Half this amount, in the case of the 32oz jugs.)
    • Keeps for 2 weeks or more if you treat it nicely (cold and in the dark).
    • 4  bucks for the empty jug, 10-16 bucks and up for the beer, and we’ll throw the cap in for free. 
    • Once opened, you've got 2-3 days to make good use of it, but it's best to finish it in one sitting. Standing is okay too.
    • Refills are 10-16 bucks too, but you'll need to rinse out the jug AND the cap thoroughly beforehand. I recommend HOT WATER and NO SOAP. Soap is harder to wash out than the beer!
    • Now that the PLCB has granted us a Brewpub License AND loosened the rules for such things, we can now fill Growlers from other Breweries, in addition to our own. PROGRESS!!!
    • No, they don’t actually make a growling noise. That's probably your stomach. Thirsty, eh?

    Can't make it to the brewery? Check out our GROWLER SHOP in the Strip District, open since October 2010!