You'd like to volunteer at the brewery? Great! We can use an extra hand around here from time to time.

Here how this works:

  1. You sign up as a "Friend of the Brewery" by putting your email address into the box below, and click “subscribe”. Then you’re officially a volunteer-in-waiting.

  2. The next time we have a project coming up, we'll send out a "Care to help?" type message to the people on this list, giving you an idea of what the job will entail, and the time, date, and place that we’ll do it. Typical projects include things like labeling Gratitude bottles, or helping out with pack-out on a canning day.

  3. Once you get the “Care to help” email, follow the instructions included. If you can't do it, no need to reply. We promise not to feel slighted.

  4. That's about it - except that if you're in, then you should probably show up, work on the project… and then have some pizza and beer.

Thanks in advance for your DIRECT support of East End Brewing. We really appreciate it!

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