Fourth of July Special Hours

We're open regular hours this weekend for Fourth of July, which means:

Brewpub 4pm-10pm    
Taproom 11am-10pm

Brewpub 12pm-10pm
Taproom 10am-10pm

Brewpub 12pm-5pm
Taproom 10am-7pm

And while we are CLOSED on Tuesday, July 4, we ARE open for 5 hours at the Brewpub in Larimer:

Brewpub 12-5pm

Come stock up for the fireworks!

Ice Cream and beer...together at last!

Looking for a way to cool off on our outdoor patio at the Brewpub? What about...ICE CREAM and POPSICLES? 

Starting July 9 through the end of August, we're hosting a different local ice cream or popsicle vendor outside on our patio (weather permitting). The schedule will be:

In addition, some vendors will be producing special limited-edition beer-inspired flavors, as well as serving up beer floats. And Tango Food Truck will be here every Sunday (except August 6) with Argentinian sandwiches, empanadas, and more. Bring the family (we've got non-alcoholic housemade root beer and ginger ale) and make Sundays an Ice Cream Sunday!


"Bourdain HATES craft beer!"

"Bourdain HATES craft beer!"

"Bourdain HATES craft beer!"

This is what I heard about dozen times over the last week. And while that may be the prevailing opinion on the man, based on what I personally saw on Saturday, that's not really true.

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a Saturday Farm Dinner put on by Hilary and Justin Severino. If you're at all plugged into the local restaurant scene, you MAY have heard of these folks before. (They're kind of a big deal.) They're the duo behind the highly regarded Cure and Morcilla restaurants in Lawrenceville. Justin was inviting about 20-25 of Pittsburgh's awesomest food and drink folks to attend a meal prepared for the guest of honor, Anthony Bourdain, who was rather famously in town filming his CNN Food/Travel show, Parts Unknown. And somehow he also gave me a call.

Social media was all a-flutter last week, with Bourdain sightings, speculations, and people looking for hints so they could make a sighting of their own. So, we had to keep this whole thing hush-hush until he left town. Because… stalkers I guess. "Celebrity" can be a weird thing, which can call for certain measures I suppose.

"Should I bring some beer?" Oh yeah, Justin says. That would be great too. So I grabbed a couple of cases of freshly filled Pedal Pale Ale cans and threw them in a cooler, along with a few cans of Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude Barleywine cans, just in case things got silly, and off to the farm we go... a beautiful secluded spot about half an hour or so from the Brewery. After catching up with a bunch of familiar faces that I haven't seen for a while, and poking around a bit of the setup that the film crew has set up, Bourdain arrives and heads straight for the pit where Justin is doing some kind of magical thing with meat hanging over an open fire. It's hot. Did I mention that? It's like blazing hot... even more so in front of that fire.

 Meat, fire, sun, hot.

Meat, fire, sun, hot.

After a few minutes of deep food talk, they head in to the old barn where a makeshift cocktail/beer/sangria/wine bar is setup, camera crew in close pursuit. Bourdain opts for a beer, and they slap a tall boy of Pedal in his hand. He cracks it, takes a big pull, and says "Ahhh... that's nice."

"There's the guy who made it" says Justin,  pointing at me, while I'm trying to surreptitiously get a photo of this famous food guy with our beer in his hand. Without a word from me, Bourdain turns to me and, on camera, immediately launches into what seems like an often offered defensive rant. Note: These are not actual quotes, as I didn't record any of this, and he kinda busted me trying to get a picture... so I was a little rattled. But here's the gist of it:

 "I DON'T HATE CRAFT BEER! It's just that when I go into a bar, I go there to sit down, relax, drink something cold, and maybe lose a little bit of myself. And what ruins it for me is the guy sitting next to me with 12 little glasses in front of him with a pen and a notebook, fussing over every little detail, and peppering the bartender with question after question for five minutes."

Again... not actual quotes.

Well, I can't say I've never been that guy (maybe minus the notebook), but I kinda get what he's talking about. As Brewers and fans of GOOD BEER, we are people who are constantly surrounded by discussions of PROCESSES and INGREDIENTS when it comes to a beer we are excited about. We're hungry - sorry, THIRSTY to learn. Learn more about what the Brewer's intent was, to learn about processes and ingredients involved, because if we like them, we can seek them out in other beers and find more of what we like. And in some cases, we can even learn enough to try and recreate them ourselves some day, maybe with our own twist.

It's easy to get lost in all of this detail. It matters. And it matters a lot to us who love beer. But ultimately, I think it's also where our beer culture can sometimes fail.

Sure, our beer quality needs to be the best it can possibly be. And it needs to get better every year. And the decisions we make about what we choose to brew and how we choose to brew it are paramount to our success as brewers, and our industry overall. But we can't focus on this at the expense of the whole point of beer: Enjoyment.

Yeah, we can enjoy beer lots of different ways... sometimes by geeking out on completely deconstructing it, sometimes by brewing it, sometimes by sharing or trading it, and even sometimes by over indulging in it (Yes... it happens sometime. Be safe out there people.) But there are a huge portion of our population out there that just want to enjoy a beer by drinking it. They want to take a sip, say "Ahh... that's nice." and go back to their conversation. That glass (or can) will be patiently waiting for them when they want another sip, not interrupting the conversation, not insisting on telling you about its ingredients, about the way it was made. It's taking the high road and being there for you. Just like a beer should be.

Do we as beer makers, sometime get lost in the David vs Goliath "crusade" of craft beer we've been fighting all these years, missing out on bringing these people into the fold? Probably. Do we sometimes get lost in the minutiae of our beers and sometimes need to step back and just let them stand on their own? Probably. Should we do a better job of making sure Craft Beer is accessible to these people, because we NEED them drinking our beer? Yes. I think we do.

 Post meal hug-out with the production manager.

Post meal hug-out with the production manager.

Bourdain is also aware of the role that Big Beer plays in the marketplace - his marketplace. Entertainment. After dinner, after the filming was over, and after a couple more Pedal Pale Ales, he asked me if I had heard of Brew Masters, the show on Discovery Channel featuring the guys at DogfishHead. The way Anthony tells it (yes, I can call him Anthony now, having spoken with him twice at this point in the afternoon), the show was just killing it, fantastic ratings. But then the network got the call from Miller/Coors saying they'd better get it off the air or they were going to pull their advertising. The show was promptly moved to a less desirable time slot, and in another couple of weeks it was off the air completely. (This is not new news, and Eater published this piece over 6 years ago.)

So yeah, there are still these huge, hulking Goliaths out there looking to totally wipe us out, either by corruption from within, acquisition from without, or just a straight up illegal financial beatings en masse in the marketplace (some of which have been well documented). And we, as Brewers might want to consider why we have people coming into our establishments asking us for "a normal beer". It might be more about our own exclusionary beer culture than what's actually in the glass.

 See how he turned the can around so the label faced the camera? How cool was that?

See how he turned the can around so the label faced the camera? How cool was that?

Maybe that's what they actually hate?

Happy Hour and Later Hours

We said we'd never sell pints. Then we said okay, but we'll never open a bar. Then we said okay, but we don't want to run multiple locations. We have a long list of things we've said we'd never do, and as it turns out, we've done most of them.

We may even have said we'd never do a happy hour, but at this point who remembers. The important thing is: WE'RE DOING HAPPY HOUR! And not only that, we're even doing Happy Hours on FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS. Crazy, right?

Tuesday-Saturday* from 5-7pm get $1 off all drafts (a pint or a 13oz pour of a higher ABV beer) and 1-3pm on Sunday. At BOTH locations. 

Plus we're staying open until 10pm at the Brewpub on Friday & Saturday, to let you enjoy more of out outdoor patio.

Let's make this a great summer. See you at Happy Hour!

*The Taproom is closed Tue and Wed, so it's just Thu-Sun there.


Summer Happy Hours and more!

The big news first: we're doing something we swore we'd never do... Happy Hour. Maybe it's the warm weather on the Brewpub patio or how relaxing the Taproom is after work, but we've been feeling generous lately. So starting on Tuesday, June 13, get $1 off any draft (pint or 13oz pour of some of our higher ABV beers) from 5-7pm on Tues-Saturday, and 1-3pm on Sunday. ...yes, you read that right. HAPPY HOURS ON THE WEEKEND!!!


  • Pedal Pale Ale, our 5.0% ABV American Pale Ale, is now available in 16oz cans, packs of 4 for $12. Hurry, we're "cycling" through them fast.
  • Coffee Porter and BiggerHop are almost gone, so get here quickly if you want to snap some up before we have to say good bye.
  • Illustration Ale, our Belgian Dark Strong Ale, is currently on draft and in bottles, with 6 unique labels by 6 unique local artists. Plus, bottle sales benefit HEARTH Pittsburgh.
  • BlackberRye, a light, refreshing rye beer made with local blackberries is on tap now, and it's easy-drinking at 4.5% ABV.

Coming soon: A collaboration with TRASH homebrewer Richard Romanko is in the tank now, a Helles Lager that's perfect for outdoor weather. Lagers are pretty rare for us, so look for R&R Lager to hit our taps in another 2 weeks.

If you follow us on social media (and why wouldn't ya? We're fun, we swear. Give us a follow herehere, or here) you saw that not only is Green Giant IPA coming soon, but we'll have it in 16oz cans too. When, you ask? SOON we answer. But probably in time for your 4th of July celebrations.

We're also working our own version on a hazy New England IPA that we're calling Partly Clahdy. Experimental batches are happening now, so let's say COMING SOON for this beer too.

For a current list of our complete draft, bottle, and canned offerings, as well as our hours and addresses, check out our mobile app on your smartphone or visit our website. And stay up to date on food trucks on our COME HUNGRY page.


Our Strip Taproom Trivia is moving to the Brewpub, so that means you can find Trivia at the Brewpub every day of the week that ends in "WEDNESDAY". Come play on First and Third Wednesdays for Trivia with Drew from Buzzworthy Pub Trivia, and Second and Fourth Wednesdays with our original quizmaster Mark. And it's free!

We love working with local artists and to that end we're adding something new at the Taproom in the Strip; a rotating display of artwork by local artists. We're debuting Taproom Art with The Secret Names of Streets: A Group Photo Show of work by Andrew Rabb and Stephanie Tsong on Saturday, June 24 from 7-10pm. Join us for drinks, light snacks, and and great artwork. And if you're interested in showing your work at the taproom, email

We've got lots of other great events happening this month too. Here's the complete list:

  • Wed, June 7, Pub Quiz at the Brewpub with Buzzworthy Pub Trivia and food from PGH Po'Boy. 7pm, Free!
  • Sat, June 10, Workshop PGH DIY Brunch Join Workshop PGH as they pull up their DIY trailer and offer mini Workshops all day out at East End Brewing. Plus food from Iron City Eats. 12-5pm.
  • Wed, June 14: Pub Quiz at the Taproom with original quizmaster Mark. 7-9pm. Free!
  • Sat, June 17Grains-to-Glass Brewery Tour! Update: Sorry folks, this tour date is completely SOLD OUT. Next tour is July 1.
  • Mon, June 19, The Beer Yogis are back with  a 60 minute all-levels vinyasa flow led by Melissa and Mikki. Then enjoy pints of fresh East End beers. 6:30-9pm. Tickets here.
  • Wed, June 21, Pub Quiz at the Brewpub with Buzzworthy Pub Trivia and food from PGH Po'Boy. 7pm, Free!
  • Sun, June 25, LIVE MUSIC Beer Belly Yoga from 10am-12pm. $25 gets you a 45 minute glass, your own 13 oz East End glass filled with your choice of beverage, and a token for a free class with I Am Yoga of Squirrel Hill. Plus Live music for this special edition! Get your tickets here
  • Wed, June 28: Pub Quiz at the Taproom with original quizmaster Mark. 7-9pm. Free!
  • Sat, July 1Grains-to-Glass Brewery Tour! See and taste how the beer is made and take some home! Tickets here.
  • JUNE DATE TBD: R&R Helles Lager Tapping: Stay tuned to the social medias for a date on this, but it's be a chance to come out for the first tastes of this new beer, say hello to the award winning homebrewer who brewed it with us, and meet the folks from T.R.A.S.H., the Three Rivers Alliance of Serious Homebrewers.

Smallman Galley, Saisons, and Foster Care

Scott here. And I'm writing a personal note because I'm excited to share this bit of news about a special project we've been working on with our pals down at Smallman Galley.

The beer part of the project is something that's been over a year in the making. If you had our "Premier Saison" a while back, you've had the base version of this beer... a light farmhouse ale, with delicate flavors and a lovely dry finish, thanks to the work of our favorite Belgian yeast strain.

We took half of this batch and tucked it away in red wine barrels for about a year to let it undergo a long slow secondary fermentation with Brettanomyces... hence the name: Saison La Seconde.

Smallman Galley is the only place you can find this beer outside of our two East End establishments, and that's because they're doing something really special with it for the month of May, both as a regular draft and as a part of a cocktail:

May is National Foster Care Month, and anyone who knows me well, knows that both adoption and foster care are things that we feel strongly about in our household. Without going into more personal details, let me just say that it's something we spend a lot of time and a lot of energy on - especially over the last year or so, coincidentally, while this beer was maturing. (Hey - I just realized that!)

Proceeds from the sale of both of these delightful drinks will benefit, Auberle the foster care agency responsible for placing so many kids into caring households at a time in their lives when they need it most. (And the agency who has placed so many into our care this past year.) So come celebrate this month - have a beer, have a cocktail, and think about our place in this world, while contributing to making it a better place at the same time.


The Pittsburgh Marathon is a big deal here in town, and it takes over much of downtown and the Strip District. So we'll be closed on Sunday, May 7 at our Taproom in the Strip so you can cheer on your friends and family. And there'll be plenty of GOOD BEER at the Brewpub in Larimer.

#PCBW Events

We've outdone ourselves this year with events for Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week! The full list of everything is below, wow that's a lot.

  • Apr 21, #PCBW Collaboration Release. To kick off Craft Beer Week we're tapping a beer we brewed with 11th Hour and Reclamation Brewing, a dry-hopped Gose that we've titled "Double Gose 7." Stop by the Taproom in the Strip today starting at 4pm to sample it and meet the brewers! 4-9pm, Taproom in the Strip, Free.
  • Apr 22, Grains-to-Glass Brewery Tour - SOLD OUT!
  • Apr 22 Crafted Together: Reimagining Craft. Free art show focusing on the concept of craft and art. 2-4pm, Brewpub. Free.
  • Apr 23, Designer Discard and Hair of the Dog. Just like a giant yard sale, but way better, because the organizers only ask designers and artists to sell their handmade designer seconds, vintage items, & second hand goods. Plus food from The Coop Chicken & Waffles and adoptable dogs on site from Animal Friends. A #FulltimePGH event. 12-4pm, Brewpub, Free.
  • Apr 24: Brew Museum's Beer Birthing. Join us for Brew: The Museum of Beer's first official beer release, a collaboration between us, Hop Farm, and Southern Tier. And we're announcing the name of the beer from over 400 submissions! Tickets here. Brewpub, 7-10pm.
  • Apr 25, Between Two Fermenters: Collaboration. Presented by Yelp Pittsburgh. It's an informal talk about beer, Pittsburgh, small business, and everything in between. The theme of this discussion is “Collaboration” and our panelists are: Scott Smith of East End Brewing, Al Kominski of Pizza Boy Brewing Co., Caroline Moore, author of Punk Rock Entrepreneur, and moderated by Hal Klein, Pittsburgh magazine. $10 gets you two beers and all the talk you can handle. Get yer tickets! Brewpub, 7-9pm.
  • April 26, Disc Golf Tournament. We brewer types love beer and Disc Golf so let's combine them! Join us for a free disc golf outing in Schenley park with beers afterward. 
  • Apr 27, Taproom Trivia Thursday in the Strip with La Palapa Mexican Kitchen. 6-8pm, free, and presented by The Incline.
  • Apr 29, Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride Since we opened back in 2005, we’ve been spreading the word about what it means to operate a near-zero waste, environmentally sustainable brewery. And we’ve been doing it by delivering the the very first PEDAL PALE ALE kegs of the season in a very unique way….BY BICYCLE. On Saturday Morning, April 29th, 2017, East End Brewing will set off with a few kegs GOOD BEER and a few hundred of our closest GOOD FRIENDS in to, heading for a mystery destination where we will debut this years very first Pedal Pale Ale. The trip will be slow, meandering, and maybe a little surprising – especially the secret destination part. And we'll be raising money this year to help pay medical expenses for Pittsburgh cycling legend Danny Chew. Get your tickets here. Brewpub, 9:30am.
  • Apr 30, Beer Belly Yoga from 10am-12pm. $25 gets you a 45 minute glass, your own 13 oz East End glass filled with your choice of beverage, and a token for a free class with I Am Yoga of Squirrel Hill. This event sold out last time, so Get your tickets here! Brewpub, 10am-12pm.

Gratitude and More

If you missed out Gratitude Release for 2017, sorry! But here's a list of everything we still have that was released that day (and a few that are running low):

  • 2016 Gratitude Barleywine in 22oz bottles, wax dipped, $17
  • 2016 Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude Barleywine in 16oz cans, sold in packs of 4 for $40, or single cans for $11.
  • Moonstomp Cascade-Hopped Berliner Weisse brewed with/at Pizza Boy Brewing Co. in 16oz cans, six pack for $16, no singles.
  • Eye Opener Vanilla Coffee Porter, in 22 oz bottles, $9
  • Homewood Reserve 2016 in 22 oz bottles, $11
  • BiggerHop Double IPA in 16oz cans, 4 pack for $12
  • WheatHop in 16oz cans, 4 pack for $12
  • 2008A Gratitude Barleywine* (paper overwrap 750 ml bottle, $15)
  • 2015 Homewood Reserve* (22oz bottle, $11)
  • Old Knobby* (22oz bottle, $11)2015 Gratitude Barleywine (22 oz waxed bottle, $19)
  • 2015 Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude (16oz cans, $60 for pack of 4, singles $16)
  • Moonstomp Berliner Weisse* (22 oz bottle, $12)
  • Smokestack Heritage Porter* (22oz bottle, $11)
  • Toaster Imperial Stout* (22oz bottle, $13)


 Our beer is green...on the outside!

Our beer is green...on the outside!

We love beer and we love St. Patrick's Day. But we've just never been the "dye-the-beer-green" type of brewery. So while we don't have an Irish Stout on draft for you this weekend, we've got some other things we think you'll like:

  • The Beagle Brothers at the Taproom. Our pals the Beagle Brothers Irish Band will be playing in the Taproom in the Strip (102 19th st) at 9am and again at 7pm. Come see if their music suffers or improves after a day of drinking. And it's free to attend!
  • Blue Sparrow Food Truck will be at the Brewery (147 Julius St) with great global-inspired street food. Ever have a ramen burger on St. Patrick's Day? Now you can!

And in case you need some suggestions for what to drink on this fine and chilly St. Patrick's Day:

  • Eye Opener Coffee Porter: After a bunch of day drinking, keep it going with this porter infused with real Commonplace Coffee. On Nitro at both the Brewery and the Taproom so it drinks silky smooth.
  • Snow Melt Winter Ale: We've got a little bit left of this winter warmer in the Taproom. And at the Brewery we have a special limited amount of Snow Melt Your Face Off, the Bourbon-barrel aged, pepper-infused cousin.
  • Homewood Reserve: Crack open a 22oz bottle of the bourbon-barrel-aged version of our Black Strap Stout...a GOOD BEER that's perfect for sharing with a GOOD FRIEND.

32 oz Growlers are Here!

We know you not only need a way to transport your GOOD BEER to GOOD FRIENDS, you also want to look stylish while you do it! That's why we've launched our new line of eye-popping new 32 oz growlers in a multitude of colors (pictured here with the big'un 64 oz growlers).

Not only will they keep the hot drinks hot and the cold drinks cold, they're nigh indestructible* and an easier size to manage. Come on down to the Taproom or Brewpub and take your pick from our brand-new colors - just $22!

*Look, we said "nigh" indestructible. Don't drive your car over them or anything, but they'll survive just fine if you drop 'em, which we can't always say of our classic glass growlers.

Love, Beer, and Everything in Between


Here's the VERY FIRST pallet of BigHop Cans heading out to our wholesaler, Vecenie Distributing last week. Some have already landed in bars, beer distributors, and six pack shops throughout the Pittsburgh area. So if you want some BigHop cans to be stocked at your local GOOD BEER joint, ask them to stock it! Your voice at your local store is WAY louder than ours can ever be. Don't be shy - there's beer involved!

It may be cold & lousy outside, but that's why we're starting out February with two great events, one at the Brewpub and one at the Taproom!

Saturday, February 4 is our Crafts and Drafts Lovefest, a daylong good time with artists and crafters selling great gifts for Valentine's Day, crafts for families with the Irma Freeman Center for Imagination, sultry slow jams from DJ Stephan, food from La Palapa, PGH Po'Boy and Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches...oh and a free sample of Eye Opener Coffee Porter from us! The fun kicks off at noon and runs till 5pm, but our love for you is undying. 

And Tuesday, February 7 we're romancing your mind with the second installment of Between Two Fermenters at the Taproom in the Strip. We're hosting a discussion about the state of Pittsburgh Food & Drink, where it's been and where it's going with some great people:

Tickets are $20 and get you a chili bar with fixings from Black Radish Kitchen (meat & veg options available), a paired East End beer, and all the talk you can handle! Doors open at 5pm, talk starts at 7pm. Tickets on sale here!

And to keep the love going, join us at the Taproom in the strip for a delicious Valentine's Beer Brunch with our good friends from Prohibition Pastries! What better way to spend a day with your sweetie than with a delicious 3 course beer-infused meal and 2 pints of beer (or soda)!?

Get your tickets by clicking here - $35 for a 3 course prix fixe beer-infused meal, with two glasses of the East End Brewing beer (or soft drink) of your choice! Two sessions: 10am-11:30am, 12pm-2pm.

Speaking of's what's notable on tap and coming soon:

  • Bigger Hop After a sold-out run of limited edition cans, Bigger Hop is now on tap!
  • Chamwow Table Beer a low gravity Belgian Ale brewed with Chamomile
  • Eye Opener Coffee Porter on draft this weekend at the Brewery
  • Vanilla Coffee Porter in big bottles... coming in a few weeks
  • And of course SnowMelt, Loaf, BlackHop, and a bunch of others...

For a current list of our complete draft, bottle, and canned offerings, as well as our hours and addresses, check out our mobile app on your smartphone or visit our website!

We've got plenty of events coming up this month. Here's the complete list: