Our beer is green...on the outside!

Our beer is green...on the outside!

We love beer and we love St. Patrick's Day. But we've just never been the "dye-the-beer-green" type of brewery. So while we don't have an Irish Stout on draft for you this weekend, we've got some other things we think you'll like:

  • The Beagle Brothers at the Taproom. Our pals the Beagle Brothers Irish Band will be playing in the Taproom in the Strip (102 19th st) at 9am and again at 7pm. Come see if their music suffers or improves after a day of drinking. And it's free to attend!
  • Blue Sparrow Food Truck will be at the Brewery (147 Julius St) with great global-inspired street food. Ever have a ramen burger on St. Patrick's Day? Now you can!

And in case you need some suggestions for what to drink on this fine and chilly St. Patrick's Day:

  • Eye Opener Coffee Porter: After a bunch of day drinking, keep it going with this porter infused with real Commonplace Coffee. On Nitro at both the Brewery and the Taproom so it drinks silky smooth.
  • Snow Melt Winter Ale: We've got a little bit left of this winter warmer in the Taproom. And at the Brewery we have a special limited amount of Snow Melt Your Face Off, the Bourbon-barrel aged, pepper-infused cousin.
  • Homewood Reserve: Crack open a 22oz bottle of the bourbon-barrel-aged version of our Black Strap Stout...a GOOD BEER that's perfect for sharing with a GOOD FRIEND.

32 oz Growlers are Here!

We know you not only need a way to transport your GOOD BEER to GOOD FRIENDS, you also want to look stylish while you do it! That's why we've launched our new line of eye-popping new 32 oz growlers in a multitude of colors (pictured here with the big'un 64 oz growlers).

Not only will they keep the hot drinks hot and the cold drinks cold, they're nigh indestructible* and an easier size to manage. Come on down to the Taproom or Brewpub and take your pick from our brand-new colors - just $22!

*Look, we said "nigh" indestructible. Don't drive your car over them or anything, but they'll survive just fine if you drop 'em, which we can't always say of our classic glass growlers.

Love, Beer, and Everything in Between


Here's the VERY FIRST pallet of BigHop Cans heading out to our wholesaler, Vecenie Distributing last week. Some have already landed in bars, beer distributors, and six pack shops throughout the Pittsburgh area. So if you want some BigHop cans to be stocked at your local GOOD BEER joint, ask them to stock it! Your voice at your local store is WAY louder than ours can ever be. Don't be shy - there's beer involved!

It may be cold & lousy outside, but that's why we're starting out February with two great events, one at the Brewpub and one at the Taproom!

Saturday, February 4 is our Crafts and Drafts Lovefest, a daylong good time with artists and crafters selling great gifts for Valentine's Day, crafts for families with the Irma Freeman Center for Imagination, sultry slow jams from DJ Stephan, food from La Palapa, PGH Po'Boy and Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches...oh and a free sample of Eye Opener Coffee Porter from us! The fun kicks off at noon and runs till 5pm, but our love for you is undying. 

And Tuesday, February 7 we're romancing your mind with the second installment of Between Two Fermenters at the Taproom in the Strip. We're hosting a discussion about the state of Pittsburgh Food & Drink, where it's been and where it's going with some great people:

Tickets are $20 and get you a chili bar with fixings from Black Radish Kitchen (meat & veg options available), a paired East End beer, and all the talk you can handle! Doors open at 5pm, talk starts at 7pm. Tickets on sale here!

And to keep the love going, join us at the Taproom in the strip for a delicious Valentine's Beer Brunch with our good friends from Prohibition Pastries! What better way to spend a day with your sweetie than with a delicious 3 course beer-infused meal and 2 pints of beer (or soda)!?

Get your tickets by clicking here - $35 for a 3 course prix fixe beer-infused meal, with two glasses of the East End Brewing beer (or soft drink) of your choice! Two sessions: 10am-11:30am, 12pm-2pm.

Speaking of's what's notable on tap and coming soon:

  • Bigger Hop After a sold-out run of limited edition cans, Bigger Hop is now on tap!
  • Chamwow Table Beer a low gravity Belgian Ale brewed with Chamomile
  • Eye Opener Coffee Porter on draft this weekend at the Brewery
  • Vanilla Coffee Porter in big bottles... coming in a few weeks
  • And of course SnowMelt, Loaf, BlackHop, and a bunch of others...

For a current list of our complete draft, bottle, and canned offerings, as well as our hours and addresses, check out our mobile app on your smartphone or visit our website!

We've got plenty of events coming up this month. Here's the complete list:



So what’s the deal with this bread beer?

First, let's talk about FOOD WASTE and FOOD INSECURITY here in Allegheny County. In the US, somewhere between 30% and 40% of the food supply is wasted. That's over 20lbs of food per person per month. That's just crazy!

Here in Allegheny County, 14% of our population are "Food Insecure". That's over 170,000 people! There's got to be a way to put these two problems together and solve some portion of both, right? Well, that's exactly what 412 Food Rescue is working to do, right here in Pittsburgh, by taking unused food from local stores and restaurants and “rescues” it by getting it to people in need.

We were contacted by 412 Food Rescue’s Leah Lizarondo earlier this year about the possibility of making a beer from unused bread, in order to raise funds to benefit the great work they're doing. For those of you that have had or heard of our Kvass and Sourdough brews in years past, you know that we are no strangers to turning bread into beer. And as food waste goes, stale bread, is a major problem in that no one could use it... so of course we said YES!

Last week, using a myriad of leftover stale loaves from the good folks at Five Points Artisan Bakeshop, we pulled together a bunch of 412 Food Rescue volunteers to "break bread" with us, chopping up about 200 loaves so it could go into the mash tun... with some more traditional brewers grains.

The brewing goal is a little different this time. Instead of trying to make something that tastes like a liquid version of a loaf of bread, our aim is to make a delicious beer with bready notes and a more traditional beer flavor profile. In this case, something like a pale ale. I had a slice of the not-quite-beer earlier this week, and I can say it delivers! Bready nose, crisp finish. I can't wait to pour some for you!

Now to the important stuff: How can you get the beer?

Right now, the only way to take home some Growlers of LOAF is to buy into the 412 Food Rescue CSA...or rather, CSB (Community Supported Beer). This is a fund raiser for them after all! You can buy your full share now, which comes out to four growlers, for $100 or a half share of two for $50. That includes the beer AND brand-new shiny growlers, and of course you’re helping support a great cause.

Once the shares are all spoken for, we’ll have a limited amount of Loaf on draft, but it’ll only be available in tasters or pints; no Crowlers or Growlers. The only way to get enough to share is to BUY A SHARE! So yeah... do that.

Once you buy a share, you can pick them up at our release party on Friday, November 18 here at the Brewery. Did I mention we're having a RELEASE PARTY??? Music, food, fresh bread, and bread beer!

You can read more about Loaf here.

Or watch a video from the Glassblock here! They're documenting this whole project!

Updated: Read about profiled in a French Magazine!

Gin-Barrel Aged MonkeyBoy Hefeweizen release: January 27th at 4pm, Brewery only.

A while back, we got our hands on something unusual... a freshly emptied gin barrel. I for one, don't usually think of aging gin in oak, but I suppose I'm not always of the same mind as our pals down at Wigle Whiskey, who know a good idea when they have one.

This barrel was no stranger to us; we'd filled it with Gratitude Barleywine about a year prior. And back then, we called it a "bourbon barrel". So without getting all existential about whether this is a gin barrel or a bourbon barrel now - or for that matter a barleywine barrel, lets just say that it's been around. And in these travels, it has picked up quite a bit of character... character that we really wanted to bring to a beer!

We decided that the best way to bring out the subtle nuances of this particular assembled collection of oak staves, heads, steel hoops, and everything that's ever been inside it, was to fill it with a more subtle, nuanced beer... our Monkey Boy Hefeweizen. The botanicals from the gin plus the esters from the hefeweizen... it's a combination that's kind of hard to imagine. But luckily, we don't have to imagine it any more. We can drink it now. Or at least soon.

We'll be tapping a 5 gallon keg of this beer, along with a bunch of our other barrel aged beers (see list below) at the GOOD WOOD Fest, here at EEBC tomorrow night. If you're coming to GOOD WOOD, we'll have ALL of these beers available for purchase to go in Growlers and Crowlers starting promptly when the fest ends at 9pm. Maybe even a few BBA Bottles we've had stashed away too.

If you're not coming to the GOOD WOOD Fest (sorry, it is completely sold out), on Friday January 27 at 4pm we'll be putting the Gin Barrel MonkeyBoy on tap at the Brewery for tasters, pints, and yes, Crowlers. (No Growlers of this one. Barrel yields are notoriously poor, and there's just the one, so there really isn't very much of it to go around.)

And in the weeks to come, you'll see more of the beers from this GoodWood lineup released, just as soon as we can dial in a plan for them. 


Closing Early Saturday January 21

The bad news: we're closing at 5pm at the Brewpub on Saturday, January 21st. 

The good news: the Taproom in the Strip is still open normal hours, till 10pm!

The gooder news: we're closing the Brewpub early to make room for the SOLD OUT Good Wood Festival! If you're one of the lucky folk who got a ticket to sample barrel-aged beer from sixteen local breweries, we'll see you on Saturday! 

Bigger Hop limited release

Bigger Hop Double IPA is here and to celebrate we’re releasing some in 16oz cans! They’ll be sold in packs of 4 for $12 at the Brewery, starting when our doors at 4pm this Friday, January 13. They’ll have been canned literally that morning, and even though this is a small test run, this is the freshest packaged beer we’ve ever been able to offer you!

This year's BiggerHop is 9.5% and brewed with Amarillo and Simcoe hops on a simple base of pilsner malt and a bit of cane sugar, fermented with something OTHER than our usual house yeast strain. It's also been dry-hopped twice during fermentation, and now is quietly maturing in the fermenter in anticipation of Friday's small canning run. The timing has worked out pretty perfectly on this, so we're excited to get this beer into your hands, your glasses, and your mouths!

What's all this talk about brewery tours?

We get a lot of questions about our Grains-to-Glass tours at the brewery, mostly starting with “where’s the bathroom?”

But seriously! Here’s the answers to some important questions:

About an hour, depending on how many questions you ask and how long it takes you to drink your four samples. That’s right, you get four generous samples of East End Brewing beer on every tour!

No! You’ll be guided by one of our expert staff, and learn not just about East End Brewing history, but see every part of our operation. There’s a reason why we call it Grains-To-Glass! You’ll see all the tanks and also get a look at our extensive barrel-aging operation.

Very! You’ll get to see and smell every bit of the operation, starting with the grains we use and our hops. You can even taste some of the grains themselves, although we suggest sticking with the beer samples.

No! Tour tickets are just $25 and that gets you:

  • A guided tour of the brewery by our helpful, knowledgeable, and hopefully clean-smelling staff
  • Generous samples of four of our beers, poured fresh right before your tour
  • Best of all, you’ll leave with a new growler filled with GOOD BEER of your choice, or $15 store credit to spend on beer, hats, t-shirts, our oh-so-popular stainless steel growlers, or even our new golf discs! 

Click here and buy now
! There are sometimes limited day-of tickets available, but we wouldn’t count on it…get ‘em ahead of time!

Us too.


Holiday Hours!

We love you but we've got to take some time apart...for the holidays! Here's our holiday hours - be sure to stock up!

Crafts, Drafts, Keg Rides, Jobs, and more!

Greetings! We hope you'll join us this Saturday for our second annual holiday installment of Crafts and Draftssponsored by Yelp Pittsburgh! Not only do we have fourteen art, craft, & vintage vendors for your holiday shopping, but we've got food from PGH Po' Boy, La Palapa Mexican Food, Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Wigle Whiskey all under one roof! Plus crafts for the kids from the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh! And you'll get a free taste of Snow Melt Winter Ale! It's free, so bring the family and we'll see you Saturday from 12-5pm!

Speaking of Snow Melt, let's talk about upcoming beers, including...

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Snow Melt debuts on Friday, December 16! We didn't think we could make Snow Melt any better, but try this version with bourbon warmth and hint of oak. Perfect for the holidays!
  • Along Came a Cider. Along Came a Ginger is almost gone (check the Taproom if you want more), but we'll have our regular Cider on draft soon!
  • Black Hop: Technically it's not a Black IPA, it's a Cascadian Dark Ale. But we know it's delicious and on tap for a limited time!
  • In the tank: We're working on some old favorites for the new year, includingIllustration Ale and Bigger Hop. Look for Bigger Hop in January, Illustration Ale sometime after that. And a new batch of Gratitude Barleywine will be out in early 2017 too!

For a current list of our complete draft, bottle, and canned offerings, as well as our hours and addresses, check out our mobile app on your smartphone

And we're running a special deal through Friday, December 9! Buy a $25 East End Brewing Gift Card in person at the Brewpub or Taproom and get a pint of beer! Your choice of anything we have on draft! This way you AND the recipient both get some of that holiday beer, I mean cheer!

Tickets for our 13th annual Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride are on sale now! On April 29th, join us as we bring fresh kegs of Pedal Pale Ale to a secret location, all for a great cause. This year we're proud to announce that proceeds from our ride will go to Danny Chew, a prominent member of Pittsburgh's Cycling Community and founder of The Dirty Dozen Race. Danny suffered a tragic bike accident earlier this past September, which left him paralyzed from the chest down. Proceeds from our ride will go to Danny, to help him out during this difficult time... and give him back just a little bit of what he's given to Pittsburgh over these many years. Learn more and buy your tickets here. (Thanks to Brett Rothmeyer for the photo)

We've got plenty of events coming up soon, including:

  • Wednesday, Dec 7 & 21, Trivia at the Brewpub with Buzzworthy Trivia and PGH Po'Boy! Win prizes, form teams, and drink beer!
  • Beer Belly Yoga on Saturday, Dec 11 from 10am-12pm. $25 gets you a 45 minute glass, your own 13 oz East End glass filled with your choice of beverage, and a token for a free class with I Am Yoga of Squirrel Hill. Get your tickets here!
  • Good Wood Festival of Barrel-Aged Beer is January 21! Get your tickets before they sell out! This is our third time doing this event with Wigle Whiskey and fifteen local breweries, and it's a LOT of fun. 

Will YOU work for beer? Or rather, will you work MAKING beer? We're looking for a part time-to-full time person to work primarily on the brewing side of our operation, with a focus on general maintenance and cellar operations, as well as potentially pickup up regular front of house bartending shifts, and occasional event coverage. Beer and brewing knowledge and experience is also helpful, but are not absolutely mandatory. Click here to learn more and apply!

We love the way our new red hoodies look, and we love our iridescent disc golf fliers too! Heck we've got a lot of great merchandise and shirts for men and women at ouronline store!

And finally, here's our holiday hours...we hope you share some GOOD BEER with GOOD FRIENDS and FAMILY this holiday season!
Saturday, December 24: Both locations close at 3pm.
Sunday, December 25: Both locations closed
Saturday, December 31: Both locations close at 3pm
Sunday, January 1: Both locations cloased

Remeber the beer!


Remember the Beer! (And get a jump start on holiday shopping)

Thursday we're closed for Thanksgiving, and we hope you can spend some time with your loved ones. And to make that time go easier, there's always beer! We're opening early at the Brewpub today (2-8pm) so you can Remember the Beer! We've got lots of great stuff but may we humbly suggest:

  • Along Came a Ginger: For those in your family who "don't like beer" or can't have gluten, try our local apple cider with fresh ginger. It's a holiday treat!
  • Five Teeth Short of a Smile: For those who want something thematic, try this Kentucky Common Ale from TRASH homebrewer Chris Staub's award-winning recipe. Think of it as a darker cream ale, made with real corn and lots of history, it's easy-drinking and goes well with Turkey.
  • Snow Melt Winter Ale: For those who like a winter warmer without all those spices, here's our popular ruby-red malt beer with a hint of hop flavor.
  • 2015 Homewood Reserve: For those who want something nice for after-dinner, we've got just a few bottles left of our bourbon-barrel-aged Black Strap Stout. Get 'em while they last!

We're open regular hours for the rest of the weekend if you're looking for a place to have a drink with family (or "needing to have a drink with family). 

And we know holiday shopping is starting with a fervor! Here's a thought: instead of fighting the crowds, why not give them something they'll really like: Beer! Or beer-themed merchandise! 

We're got a ton of great new stuff, including hoodies and t-shirts in women's sizes, new colors and designs, wool knit hats, and even some great new flannels coming soon! How about a gift card or a shiny new growler? Maybe then they'll even share some of that beer with you! 

Come visit us at either location to buy some new merchandise, or visit our online store at Commonwealth Press. Make shopping easy, and Remember the Beer!


Thanksgiving Hours


Here's our schedule for both locations this week; we hope you'll take time to get together with friends and family. We're thankful for hops, malt, yeast, grains, man, the list goes on and on!