Thanksgiving Week Hours:

Here's our open hours for Thanksgiving Week (2015) for both our locations:






SAT 12-8PM (Happy Small Business Saturday!)

SUN 12-5PM



WED 11-4PM*


FRI 11-6PM*

SAT 9-5PM* (Happy Small Business Saturday!)

SUN 10-4PM* 

* Note: This is the EARLIEST we will close. If it's still jumping at this time, we'll gladly stay open as long as you'd like us to jump.

This year's BigPour Brew will be...

WEISER PEACH SOUR? Good question!!

We've been brewing the namesake beer for the Steel City Big Pour since the festival's inception, way back in 1969. (I might have the year wrong, so please don't quote me on that.) And the choice of the beer we brew for release at this fest has made a lot of twists and turns over the years.

We've brewed Session Ales, Big Beers, Spiced Beers, Hop Bombs, Belgian Ales, and Fruit Beers - many of which have taken up a regular recurring spot in our annual brew schedule. So this year, with the emerging interest in Sour Ales and beer fermented with non-standard fermenting agents... combined with our recently expanded sour beer program, it seems appropriate to concoct something in this arena for this year's BigPour Brew. And somehow, we actually got this into our schedule early enough to give a beer this complicated some time to come together. Hooray for planning! Move ahead one space!

 Hey! Who put that pluot in there!?!

Hey! Who put that pluot in there!?!

We brewed a nice light rye ale base beer, kettle-soured it for 3-4 days, and ran about 150gal of that wort off into our fermenter for secondary fermentation with our house ale yeast. After fermention finished up, we kicked off a tertiary fermentation by adding 100lbs of fresh peaches to the tank, that we picked up on the way back from our collaboration with PizzaBoy Brewing... Fruit from their favorite fruit source, Weiser Orchards.

Aside: We also ran the other ~300 gallons of the kettle-soured wort into oak barrels for fermentation with Brettanomyces... but we'll be ready to talk more about that beer at some point down the line when it's further along.

This light base beer with a delicate combination of lacto-tartness and fruity peachy goodness is way more than we could have hoped for. You can even pick up a little the character of the rye malt in the finished beer if you try hard enough. The combination... well, it's just lovely.* 


Yep, that's the name. There's not a whole lot of this beer to go around, but we'll tap a keg of it at the halfway point in each session of the BigPour on Saturday September 12th. And then we'll release it at the Brewery at a time we still need to sort out... not on BigPour day, like we usually do. There's just too much happening that day to manage it, AND we've got a special packaging surprise we'd like to unveil in our taproom for this beer as well. So stay tuned for that announcement/release, coming soon to a Brewery near you... assuming you are near us.

See you AND this beer at the Big Pour!

* Biased.

Sometimes things just line up perfectly. #HoppyConvergence

Sometimes things just line up perfectly. #HoppyConvergence

It can be tricky to coordinate our schedule sometimes. Tank space, distribution demand, open cooperage, staff time off, hop contracts and availability, and this time of year the most unpredictable of all, Mother Nature. She says when the wet-hop crop is ready, and she's difficult to convince otherwise. With all of this pulling against us, we usually just meet the basic needs and roll with the rest as best as we can.  

But sometimes the stars line up for us without even trying, and we manage to get SIX hop-forward beers at the taps all at once at the peak of freshness. And right when the wet hops come in too.


So we can't resist taking a moment to share all of this with you, our regular customers, the best way we know how... by putting all six into glasses for you to enjoy, right here at the source.

If we did a deal like this on a busy Friday, Saturday, or Sunday in here, it just might be mayhem. (Remember that FOD sampling a while back? I sure do.) So this time the special pricing is just during the week.

Of course, you can still find this whole hoppy lineup in here any time we're open, for regular pay-as-you-go enjoyment by sampler, pint, and Growler, as long as these beers last. But it might be a little less convergencey



Growler Recall Notice

Growler Recall Notice

We've been getting a lot of reports from customers lately that their Growlers seem to be leaking beer through a hole in the top. Generally, this leakage seems to happen around 5pm (though sometimes earlier, sometimes later), over dinner at home, at a BYOB restaurant, in the backyard by the grill, and often in the company of GOOD FRIENDS. 

We appreciate your patience as we work through this problem. 

The good news is: We have found a solution, but unfortunately it's just a temporary one. If you bring your empty Growler in to one of our locations, our crack squad of Growler Refilling Technicians will be happy to fill you back up, and all you have to cover is the cost of the parts. The labor is on us. (Unfortunately, empty BigHop cans do not respond well to this treatment, and are best sent to recycling, and replaced immediately by our GRTs, who have also been fully trained on these containers.)

We appreciate your patience as we work to rid all our containers of this problem. And if it's any consolation, we feel your pain, as this problem seems to have spread to our entire float of kegs, and even to the largest of our fermenters and bright tanks. It's like an epidemic in here.

Please know that we are doing everything in our power to address this. There's NOTHING more troubling than finding out you have less beer than you thought you had.

Thank you again for your patience.


Green Giant goes on tap 2pm Friday July 3rd @ Brewery

Green Giant goes on tap 2pm Friday July 3rd @ Brewery

You might remember this beer from last year. We sure do. Not only was it our Brewer Joe's first recipe here, but it just might have been the fastest moving beer we've ever tapped! (Granted, we took a LOT of this one home ourselves.)

Green Giant is a 7.2% single hop IPA brewed with Citra Hops... first wort and late addition hopping keep the bitterness down and the hop flavor up front where it belongs. 

We'll tap it at the Brewery Friday at Growler Hours - which start at 2pm this time since its a holiday weekend. (Our Growler Shop in the Strip will have it next week.)

Happy Independence Day Weekend! 

JULY 4TH Weekend Growler Hours

JULY 4TH Weekend Growler Hours

Happy Birthday USA!

This Independent Brewery is celebrating Independence Day with some special hours at BOTH of our locations, that you should probably be aware of... changes to regular hours shown in BOLD:


  • TUE 4-8pm
  • WED 4-8pm
  • THU 4-8pm
  • FRI 2-8pm
  • SAT 10-2pm
  • SUN 12-5pm


  • WED 10-4pm
  • THU 10-7pm
  • FRI 10-6pm
  • SAT 9-2pm
  • SUN 10-4pm

BigHop, now in cans!

We had a pretty exciting day here this past Wednesday, filling 273 cases of cans with our BigHop IPA. We have it available at BOTH of our locations right now... here at the Brewery, and at our Growler Shop in the Strip.

Here's some photos from the canning day... click to make em big.

In an ongoing effort to reverse our "jagoff" status...CANS!

In an ongoing effort to reverse our "jagoff" status...CANS!

"They make great beer.  But they're jagoffs because they don't sell it in cans." 

Yeah, that's an actual quote from a review I saw posted about us a while back. It still makes me smile every time I read it. Partly because of the way it was written, with a mix of Pittsburghese and subtle can-awareness. And partly because we've been scheming on canning since 2007, when I almost pulled the trigger on a small, used, manual canning machine. At the time, I decided to hold off for a bit, and in another month, we were completely out of brewing capacity to support our existing, growing draft business. So even if we had gotten canning to happen, we'd have nothing to go inside them until we could complete some bigger steps.

But now, with a bigger building, a bigger Brewhouse, bigger capacity, and a bigger staff (You callin' me fat?!?), we're finally ready.  And who knows. Maybe this little "jagoff" jab was just the nudge we needed.

Last week, I approved the final color swatches for our BigHop cans, 94,000 of which were made at a can plant in upstate NY yesterday, 5/27/15. And next week, we'll be doing our very first canning run here at EEBC with a Mobile Canning outfit on June 3rd.


Credit for this wonderfully clean, direct, and simple label design all goes to the wonderfully clean,  direct, and simple folks over at Commonwealth Press, Dan and Mark... pictured here in their natural state of being awesome.

So now you ask: Why cans and not bottles? Cans have some distinct advantages over bottles, but since enough has been written about this a thousand times over, it's all just a quick web search away. (Go ahead and click. I'll wait....   ...See there? Cans are pretty cool, right?)

Of course, Growlers will always be our preferred package here: Fresh beer in a completely reusable package...if filled properly and kept cold and out of the light, what's not to like? But we realize not everyone can make it out to see us as often as they might like to, or manage to find us on tap around town. So cans will definitely help bridge this gap!

To start, we're just offering BigHop in cans, and we're just offering it at our two locations, by the six pack and by the case. In time, when we're confident that the quality, consistency, and shelf life are all where they need to be, we'll start some distribution around town. And from there, who knows where we'll go with this. As it always is, that part's really up to you and your thirst.

We'll make a big fuss over all of this, and do a big can launch event at some point, but for now, we just want to get them to you as soon as they are ready. So based on what we know now, look for them on June 4th at the Brewery and the Shop... if all goes as canned*.

Until then, we're still jagoffs.

Cheers - Scott

* I'm not sure you realize how difficult it was for me to write this without a single can pun. So for your "enjoyment", I included a single can pun.

Happy Mild Month!

Happy Mild Month!

You may not think of May as particularly mild in Pittsburgh, given that one weekend we can see snow in the air, and a week later, it's in the 90's. But please know that we are doing our part to make American Mild Month a reality. But of course, with beer. 

In my view, the timing is perfect. Spring is ideal for lower alcohol beers. You've spent the whole winter "going big" and now that the weather has broken, we're all outside lots more... yard work, biking, hiking, and generally enjoying longer, sunnier days. And sometimes - just sometimes, these activities can be complimented by your favorite brewed beverage.

What I reach for on days like these is a nice lower abv beer that's still got lots of flavor. A beer to have at lunchtime... An American MILD!

So early this month, with just the gentlest of nudges from the folks at we resurrected an old favorite from our archives, dusted off the batch sheet, and put a new batch of Brendan's Mild into the tank. 

This wee little 3% of a beer quietly debuted last night at the Brewery, and we'll keep it rolling here as long as it lasts.

Here's Brendan's description: 

This is the first recipe I ever wrote at EEBC some 7 or 8 years ago.  It's a traditional British mild ale style.  All Maris Otter Pale malts plus brown, kiln amber, and some crystal 60.  There were bittering and flavor additions with Fuggle at 90 and 15.  If memory serves me, the hop presence is there more than last time we brewed it and the Brown malt character feels less pronounced.  This comes in truly session-able, at 3.0%, $10 per fill.  I am excited to taste this on cask.  We did one pin for in house use.  (Another pin went to dave carl at brews brothers and a firkin went to Pipers.)  Available to anyone for a time in any sized keg.  15 bbl batch size.

Blue Canoe Collaboration: Imperial Shandy

Blue Canoe Collaboration: Imperial Shandy

As you might have heard, back on March 18th, a member of our Western PA Brewing Community suffered a big setback. Blue Canoe Brewery is located in part of a large building in the center of Titusville, and there was a large fire in an adjacent part of this building.  While the fire itself didn't damage the brewery or the brewing equipment, there was a significant amount of water damage to both, which has temporarily shut them down.

 photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

How can we help? Driving up to Titusville with a bunch of tools and materials to help them rebuild sure sounds like a nice idea. But actually, that's probably best left to people who do this sort of work every day... and actually know what they're doing.

What's a better way to help another brewery out, using the skills and tools we have at our disposal? Brew some BEER! And send the proceeds their way to help the rebuilding efforts!

So we reached out to their Brewer Justin Dudek, and invited him down to do a special collaboration beer with us on Wednesday of last week. That's him on the left, rinsing out the Mash Tun, while Nordy from East End readies a bag of cane sugar to go into the boil.

As of this writing, we have yet to settle on a name for this beer, but we'll nail that down soon I'm sure. It's something these two have described as an Imperial Shandy... both light and big, and with the Arnold Palmer-esque addition of both lemonade and iced tea.  So this will make for quite a unique addition to our summer beer lineup! (We've already given up on Spring this year in Pittsburgh, right?)

Look for this beer to be on tap at both East End locations in a couple weeks, and by special arrangements at local tap spots shortly thereafter. And please keep in mind that every glass and every Growler will help Blue Canoe get their doors back open!

Or if you'd prefer a more direct approach to supporting them, you can contribute to their fundraising efforts right HERE.




With this wonderful Spring weather upon us, we've been making a more concerted effort to get our Fridays and Saturdays FULLY BOOKED with our Mobile Food partners.  And from the look of the schedule, we're nearly there:

  • Fri 5/1 Nakama
  • Sat 5/2 ROUND UP: Pgh Taco Truck, Franktuary, The Vandal, Healcrest Urban Farm
  • Fri 5/8 <open>
  • Sat 5/9 Brassero Grill
  • Fri 5/15 <open>
  • Sat 5/16 Eliza's Oven
  • Fri 5/22 Brassero Grill
  • Sat 5/23 Berlin Street Food
  • Fri 5/29 Brassero Grill
  • Sat 5/30 Berlin Street Food

(Food trucks operators: If you'd like to come out, fill some gaps, fill some mouths, drop us a line!)

We really like having great food for you here every Friday and Saturday like this. Not only because we like to eat it, but because it makes our beer taste even better!

But cooking on the road isn't always a breeze. For these guys to come out, and come out REGULARLY like this, it sure helps when there's lots of people here who are ready to eat.  The more successful they are when they're here, the easier it is for them to say YES when we invite them back.

So if you can manage it, don't just come thirsty to the Brewery. Come HUNGRY too!

Collaboratin' Left and Right for #PCBW


The best part of PCBW for us is that we get to mix it up in the brewery with some new people... exchange a bit of brewing knowledge, share a bit of beer, split a few pizzas, and come up with something totally new. 

This year for PCBW, we decided to do 2 Collaboration Beers!

50 Shades of GRAIN:

While this beer was a collaboration with CoStar Brewing, Spoonwood, and East End, the naming credit for this one all goes to Steve from Spoonwood. Usually at EEBC, we go around and around a dozen times, trying to land a name for a beer that's going on tap in 3 days... so when Steve sent this name out on an email right at the beginning, mostly as a joke, we immediately lashed to the bedposts and claimed it as our own.


In collaborating on this brew, we decided to take an approach more traditional to the Roggenbier style, a style you don’t see all that often. We took a fistful of malts from our collective malt stores, holding to the namesake for this beer. We pushed the limits for ABV and hopping rates for the style, but we landed in the realm of traditional using a german weizen yeast. This brew landed at roughly 6.2%, contains around 45% rye malts. For a twist, we spiced it with a just noticeable amount of fresh Juniper berries. 

You'll  find 50 Shades of Grain on tap around town, and of course at BOTH East End locations, all during Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week...and beyond.

But if you'd like to come hang out with the crew that made this beer, we're doing a special tapping of it at Spoonwood on 4/22. You've been looking for an excuse to go check them out, right?

EAST CaliENDe Hop Slice:

 Dinosaur free malt

Dinosaur free malt

Caliente approached us about doing a collaboration for PCBW, and Matt Moninger was the messenger.  We've know Matt for years from his time at Church Brew Works, and now that he's at Caliente, he makes an excellent beer ambassador to broker these kinds of things... or at least he knows why it takes so long for us to answer an email.

 CRAZY amounts of hop residue covering the brewhouse floor, as we keg the last of this beer up.

CRAZY amounts of hop residue covering the brewhouse floor, as we keg the last of this beer up.

So, the Caliente crew came out to the Brewery, mixed it up with the EEBC crew, and we all decided to brew a great big double IPA. The base of the beer would be all pils malt and we'd add a bit of cane sugar to more thoroughly dry it out, while bumping up the abv a bit in the process.  All of this to get the keep the malt character very mild, and out of the way, so the hops can shine through.We landed at a 9% abv with a pitch of our house ale yeast.  Hop we added were "first wort" Simcoe, a MASSIVE whirlpool addition of a newer hop we've been playing with here lately called Lemon Drop, and then, a touch of dry hopping with more Simcoe and some Amarillo in the fermenter, to give a nice boost in hoppy aromatics.

We're REALLY happy with this beer, and hope that you'll enjoy it.  And if you like hoppy, light bodied beer (what some would call West Coast IPAs), I'm pretty sure you will!

This beer will go on tap during #PCBW too, but only at 4 locations: Caliente Bloomfield, Caliente Hampton, at our Growler Shop, and here at the Brewery.