Back in April, we delivered FRESH LOCAL BEER by bicycle to a particular establishment in the Strip District, along with about 400 of our closest friends. This was for our annual spring charity event we call the Pedal Pale Ale KEG RIDE. This year’s destination was one of our most loyal tap spots throughout these last 15 years of brewing, Primanti Brothers.

Of course, anyone who has spent any time in Pittsburgh understands what an institution this place is. Personally, my first experience there was in the fall of 1984, in the wee small hours, which is the only time of day they were open back then.

We had such a fun time putting the Keg Ride event together with these folks, we thought it might be cool to collaborate on a special beer together… something that would go PERFECTLY with a Primanti’s sandwich.

Although we talked about french fries, slaw, and even capicola ham, ultimately we decided that the best choice was to brew a beer that tasted like the pickle you get with every Primanti’s order.

After crunching our way through most of a five gallon bucket of signature pickles, we developed a close enough relationship with the flavor profile to make a plan… a brew plan that included about 630 lbs of French cucumbers, dill, coriander, and salt.

We’re REALLY excited about how this came out. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever drink a pickle beer and want another one immediately afterward, but hats off to our Head Brewer Brendan for absolutely nailing it.

“First Crack” as we’re calling it, is this Thursday morning at 10:30 at the Primanti’s in Market Square, and I hope you’ll join us! But if you can’t, know that we’ll be releasing cans and draft at a number of different Primanti’s locations, as well as here at the brewery, when your doors open at 4pm.

And of course, be sure to GET A SANDWICH to go with that pickle (beer)!