<< Due to a little website glitch, the original publication date of Feb 21 was lost on this post… if that even matters. Anyway, carry on.>>

We try to stay focused on BEER around here, but sometimes you need to put some other stuff in place to make things work better for everyone... especially for you, the GOOD BEER Fan. 

The biggest question we get on any platform (and there are so many different platforms to use to reach out to us these days) usually comes in the form of “Hi. Is AWESOME BEER #372 still or tap at the Brewery location?”  or “Do you have cans of AWESOME BEER #214 left in the Strip?

This week, we switched on our “Today’s Beers” list on the website and the mobile website, providing you with this info IN REAL TIME, faster and more accurately than we ever could before. Every time we put on a new keg, our bartenders update our point of sale system, and it auto-syncs with the menu screens on the wall, and these lists on our website and mobile site. And, we’ve even added bottle and can availability to these lists... which you can open, and even save as a bookmark on your smartphone.

You can still drop us a line to say hi any time you like. But self serve beer availability info, up to date and accurate, automatically.... that’s pretty cool, right? Try it out HERE.