If it's January, that must mean our GOOD WOOD BARREL-AGED BEER FEST is just around the corner! Saturday, January 19th is our fifth annual event with our pals at Wigle Whiskey, and it's one of our best events of the year. Tickets are on sale now for this festival of beers that have spent time in wood; that includes whiskey barrels, gin, wine, oak foeders and more! Plus food from our GOOD FRIEND Justin Severino (more on that below)! This event will sell out so get your tickets (or designated driver tickets) at the link here.


As a reminder, you can always click on THE BREWPUB or THE TAPROOM under the TODAY'S BEERS heading on our website to see a current list of what's on tap. Here's a bit of what's currently on draft and coming soon:

  • Caution Slippy 8.2%  Our New England style Double IPA is on draft and in cans, with a sweet juicy taste hiding a robust 8.2% ABV.

  • Black Hop 7.3%  Black Hop is back; our Cascadian Dark Ale (aka Black IPA) balances a robust chocolate malt character with Atanum, Falconer's Flight, and Amarillo hops. On draft/Crowler/Growlers only. No cans this time.

  • Old Nebby 7.2%  A Stock Ale style, this brew has a rich malty flavor with a sweetness that masks its hefty 7.2% ABV. A terrific winter beer... and a sign that Old Knobby (the barrel aged version) is just 11 months away.


  • Green Giant All Citra IPA 7.2%  We're basically out of cans and almost out of draft of our West Coast style IPA. Get it now!

  • Guaba Guaba Hey 4.9%  Our Kettle Sour made with Pineapple and Guava is on its last legs. Sahrs fans, get dahn here!


  • Gratitude Barleywine 11.4% Our annual release of Gratitude (bottles) and Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude (cans) is coming soon, in February or March! We're waiting for the bird to tell us when she's ready, so stay tuned. We're hoping to do another small run of our original paper overwrap bottles too, for the nostalgic among you.

  • Brett Hop An old favorite is returning; this is BigHop in an open fermenter with Brettanomyces and lacto, after spending time in a red wine barrel. This will be a limited run of 750 ml cork & cage bottles. When are they out? When they're done conditioning in the bottle...we'll let you know. 

  • Tröegs Part Twö We had so much fun collaborating with Tröegs on our last beer (Born and Raised) that we're doing it again! More info (and draft) coming soon.


Soon, VERY SOON. We're putting in the finishing touches (did you guys know that restaurants need, like, a lot of plumbing and electricity?) and chef Justin Severino and his staff have been putting in a ton of work themselves to make this happen. You've probably noticed the booths and the windows, making the place look downright LEGIT.

We're hoping for a launch SOON... like very soon. And rest assured we will be making a VERY big deal about it. Having a restaurant here is going to change how we do business entirely, and we're super excited about all of the changes.

And sadly, speaking of changes...


Yep, no more dogs inside the Brewpub... or the Taproom. We know, it sucks. We've loved having happy furry friends join us for a beer over these last few years but the health department regs are very clear about this. We knew this was coming when we decided to open a restaurant. There's just no way to allow dogs inside a space where food is prepared, which means effective January 1st, we aren't allowing dogs inside anymore.
 But, dogs are always welcome outside on the patio at the Brewpub or at the tables outside in the Strip. Just not inside. Only licensed service animals will be allowed inside either venue.

So please, don't bring your pets inside. Doing so puts our business at risk of being shut down... so please, keep fido at home or outside with a pal while you grab a beer with us. Thanks!


We sometimes get questions on social media asking if we have cans available and we wanted to remind you that the answer is always YES! One of the reasons we wanted to expand out canned offerings is so we always have FRESH LOCAL BEER available for you in 4 or 6 packs. We always have Big Hop, Monkey Boy, and Fat Gary in 12oz cans, every day of the year, and we've got plenty of interesting stuff in 16oz cans too. We bet you'll find something to please any palette. So swing by, check out the cooler, and... BUY A GOOD FRIEND A GOOD BEER(TM). Hey that sounds good...someone ought to trademark it.

Don't be confused - this isn't the GOOD WOOD festival of BARREL AGED BEER... this is our brewery tour focusing on some of the very same beers! What kinds of beers work best in a whiskey barrel? Why are sours aged in wine or oak? What's a kettle sour? Can I lick the barrels? These questions and many more will be answered on our GOOD WOOD TOUR, Saturday January 26th at 1pm. Plus you'll get to sample some rare aged beers from our collection. Click here for tickets, and also, please don't lick the barrels.

Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday, January 9, 16, 23, 30
    PUB QUIZ, Buzzworthy Trivia at the Brewpub in Larimer every Wednesday (if that wasn't obvious) at 7pm. Free to play, Bring your own food, Win stuff!

  • Saturday, January 19
    GOOD WOOD FESTIVALTickets now on sale, 6-9pm. (We close at 5pm for regular service, so please plan accordingly)

  • Saturday, January 26
    GOOD WOOD TOUR at the Brewpub in Larimer, 1pm. Click here for tickets!