It’s February 1st, so that means we’ve still got a good hunk of this winter ahead of us. So we’ve cooked up a few BIG BEERS to carry you through. We’ll be releasing all of these at once on Saturday, February 9.

Bigger Hop season is upon us, and we’ve made a few tweaks to this one that we’re very excited about. It’s still a West Coast DIPA, with a super light pils malt body and a massive dank hit of Simcoe and Amarillo hops. But we dialed back the alcohol a little bit this year so as not to hurt you so much - down to 8.6% from last year’s 9.5% ABV.   

The cans got a new full-wrap label, which means we’re sending them into distribution. Soon you’ll be able to pick up these bright beauties “at a better beer store near you”, by the case, the 4 pack, and maybe even in singles. As always, if you don’t see Bigger Hop on the shelves of your favorite store in the next few weeks - ask them to stock it for you!

Eye Opener Coffee Porter is going into cans next week too. Or more accurately the beer we can’t call Eye Opener and just call Coffee Porter. To the TTB, this name somehow represents an illegal health claim and not “a small sense of enlightenment”. Maybe because the feds love irony? Hard to say.

This robust porter is conditioned on coffee beans from our GOOD FRIENDS and former roommates, Commonplace Coffee. We’ve been brewing this beer with their beans since way back when TJ just had a baby beard... even before this picture was taken.


We like to change up the coffee each year, since finding something new that works well with the malt, hops, yeast and water is part of the fun. And because we’ve learned a lot by having a coffee roaster share our building. This year we’re using Papua New Guinea Kunjin beans, roasted just down the road.

Mashugana Pastry Stout

A little over a year ago, we had a notion to brew something outside our comfort zone. Sure, we have plenty of Stouts in our lineup, and plenty of LARGE beers too. But this is our first dip into the newish category of “Pastry Stouts” just yet, so we decided to jump right in with a beer we’re calling Mashugana Pastry Stout.

If you happen to be someone who strictly adheres to the Reinheitsgebot, you should probably stop reading now.

We picked up 200 lbs of milk sugar, 50 lbs cocoa powder, 44 lbs Belgian dark chocolate, 50 lbs graham crackers, and 36 lbs marshmallows from the corner market and brought that to bear on a beer with an enormous grain bill.

The result was this huge, rich imperial stout with massive notes of chocolate and ginger, that has a thick sweet mouthfeel that just devastates the palate in all the right ways. Think DESSERT.

Mashugana is Yiddish for “nonsense”, and we decided that particular bit of nonsense could probably use one more layer of flavor to really pull it together. So we tucked it away in bourbon barrels to age for a year. And now it’s finally ready.


If you were at our GOOD WOOD Fest, you may have gotten a sample of this one. Or maybe you saw the mess left behind in our barrels after we pulled the beer out... so much chocolatey goodness. 

All three of these new cans will be released SATURDAY, February 9 at both locations when they open (10am at the Taproom in the Strip, 12pm at the Brewpub in Larimer). Prices per 4 pack of 16 oz cans: Mashaguna $20, BiggerHop $18, Eye Opener Coffee Porter $16. If there’s a line, it’s a limit of 1 case of each beer per person. No line, no limit. Come enjoy some heavy duty winter beers with us!