Scott here. (I'm the dorky guy on the left in this photo, in case you didn't already know.)

For the last 14 years, every Spring we put on one of our favorite events, the Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride. Not only is it a great chance to get out on your bike for bit, but it's a chance to get some of the very first of this year's Pedal Pale Ale... the beer that ALWAYS tastes better after a bike ride, and even better still when the kegs have been hauled by bicycle!

The Keg Ride is also a big charity fundraiser for us, with the proceeds going to a different local charity each year. This past April, we were thrilled to raise money for the Pennsylvania Chapter of Gift of Adoption, a group whose work is near and dear to me personally, and to my family - along with thousands of other people throughout our region.

This year we're proud to announce that, with the help of so many of you who registered and rode with us, thanks to those that donated their time for this event, and to those that just plain donated funds to the cause, we raised....drumroll please...


This whole thing started as a fun and kind of silly way to spread the importance of drinking locally, and thanks to your help, over the years has become a great way to give back to our community. We want to thank everyone who helped us put this event on, including our terrific staff, Flock of Cycles (our ride marshals), Bike Pittsburgh (for the bike racks and generally being AWESOME), Gift of Adoption, everyone over at Rock Bottom Brewery in Homestead (our secret destination), and most importantly, all of you riders who joined us to have fun & help out a great cause.

YOU ALL ROCK! And we're already looking forward to 2019. But I'm sure we'll see you again before the 2019 Keg Ride comes back around.

Cheers - Scott