Friday, December 21 is a bittersweet day for us here at East End Brewing. Yes, of course we are so very excited about the construction of our new kitchen, and the dazzling beer-friendly menu that Justin Severino is planning to put in front of you in a matter weeks. But moving ahead sometimes means that you have to give up a bit of the past.

Ever since we met Jesus Martínez and the rest of the lovely people at La Palapa, way back in our days at the second incarnation of the Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip, they’ve held a special place in our hearts - and our stomachs. Many food truck partners have come and gone over the years, and in time, they all seem to move on in one fashion or another. They find a different spot that works better for them, or they just want to mix it up and go some place new. (And we TOTALLY get that!)... All but one of them that is: Even with the opening of their wonderful new brick and mortar restaurant at 2224 E. Carson Street, LaPalapa has remained a loyal Friday night fixture here at the Brewery for what seems like the very beginning of our days as a Brewpub.

Tomorrow, this run will come to an end. So PLEASE JOIN US for one last Taco Tfriday (sure, let’s call it that) with LaPalapa starting at 5pm. And if you order your 3 tacos (or 3 quesadillas) BEFORE you order a pint, we’ll throw in a free 6oz taster of something extra to help you celebrate.

Thanks again Jesus and everyone at La Palapa! We’ll see you soon (when we get a craving for those potato/poblano tacos and have to run to East Carson St).