Scott here; back in December of 2004, I found myself in total darkness, on a loading dock in Homewood with a GOOD FRIEND of mine, putting a second half barrel of BigHop into the back of a pickup truck. It was a Monday night, generally a pretty slow night for beer. And it was also the first snowfall of the year, and we had gotten about 3 or 4 inches of fresh white powder. So I wasn’t expecting too many people to turn out for the BigHop tapping, the FIRST EVER release of an East End Brewing beer at Kelly’s in East Liberty.

But after an hour or two of resigning myself that it would be “a more intimate gathering”, people started trickling in... until eventually, we packed the house with family, friends, family friends, and GOOD BEER fans. So many in fact, that we kicked the first half barrel of (slightly under carbonated) BigHop, and I had to run back for another.


This Thursday marks the 14th anniversary of that night, and we’re going to reenact that evening at Kelly’s. Yes, of course there will be BigHop on tap, as there has been since that first night. And maybe some Black Strap Stout on the nitro tap, which we also poured samples of in 2004. I’ll be there, giving away EEBC pint glasses, BigHop T-shirts, BigHop hats, BigHop cans, and hey, how about some tickets to our January GOOD WOOD Fest too?

It’s all happening from 5-7pm at Kelly’s - and the beer will be properly carbonated this time. I promise. And who knows. It might even snow.