Scott here. And I'm writing a personal note because I'm excited to share this bit of news about a special project we've been working on with our pals down at Smallman Galley.

The beer part of the project is something that's been over a year in the making. If you had our "Premier Saison" a while back, you've had the base version of this beer... a light farmhouse ale, with delicate flavors and a lovely dry finish, thanks to the work of our favorite Belgian yeast strain.

We took half of this batch and tucked it away in red wine barrels for about a year to let it undergo a long slow secondary fermentation with Brettanomyces... hence the name: Saison La Seconde.

Smallman Galley is the only place you can find this beer outside of our two East End establishments, and that's because they're doing something really special with it for the month of May, both as a regular draft and as a part of a cocktail:

May is National Foster Care Month, and anyone who knows me well, knows that both adoption and foster care are things that we feel strongly about in our household. Without going into more personal details, let me just say that it's something we spend a lot of time and a lot of energy on - especially over the last year or so, coincidentally, while this beer was maturing. (Hey - I just realized that!)

Proceeds from the sale of both of these delightful drinks will benefit, Auberle the foster care agency responsible for placing so many kids into caring households at a time in their lives when they need it most. (And the agency who has placed so many into our care this past year.) So come celebrate this month - have a beer, have a cocktail, and think about our place in this world, while contributing to making it a better place at the same time.