Wow, thanks everyone! We've never blown through a whole batch of beer in a week before. Well, maybe if you could count Gratitude, but that's kind of a different animal. And actually this time, we blew through TWO batches in a week: Chance A' Shahrs - a hazy hoppy pale ale, and Pennsylvania Handshake - a milkshake ipa collab with our GOOD FRIENDS over at PizzaBoy. Both sold out in cans and kegs in record time.

These beers take a bit more effort to put together, especially the Handshake. There's hops to land, fruit to source, yeast to grow up, and maybe some collaborators to wrangle. So while I'd love to tell you we'll have both back in cans and on draft next week, it's going to take a little time.

We also feel badly about how many of you (especially our draft accounts) didn't get a crack at either of these beers. I think we had to turn about 2/3 of our accounts away empty-handed. Had we known what the response was going to be like, we'd have been a little more careful about spreading it out more.

So to fix that for next time, we'll be giving priority to our high-volume EEBC draft accounts who keep a devoted tap for us, and work our way down the list from there, as our supply permits.

In the mean time, we'll also follow this allocation system with the Farkleberry Pale Ale (our Double-dry-hopped, Mosaic, Ekuanot, w/blackberries and blueberries) that we're releasing in a couple weeks in cans and in draft. So NOW would be a good time to get your keg orders in to the folks at Vecenie Distributing to make sure you get some of the limited stock of these beers that we are  distributing. There will be no floor stock - kegs available by order only.

Thanks for understanding everyone. And thanks as always for drinking, sharing, and serving our beer!

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