We love working with local independent artists, so for the holiday season we've got a show of great locally-made artwork hanging in our Taproom in the Strip. If you've stopped by and want to buy a print from one of the artists, or are just curious about what they're making, click on the names of the artists to be taken right to their websites. Enjoy!

Prints Paul            Homecoming & Wall
Outdated Press        61C
Go Carr Go       Laundry Day
Mark Brewer        Milk Stout
Hey Beast            Tiger is Reading Your Diary
strawberryluna        Evergreen Trees
Di-ay Batted            The Body Will Always Have a Secret Life
Christina Lee           Oxford Risograph
Mundania Horvath        Union Station
everyday balloons        Bridge Buddies
Ashley Cecil            Yellow-Headed Blackbird on Blue
Andyrama Art & Stuff    Forever
Kim Fox            City of Bridges
Baxter and the Bear    The Big Lebowski
Commonwealth Press    When Life Gives You Lemons
2-4-6-8 Kids            Pirates & Dinosaur ABC
Jeffrey Krsul        Cyanotypes
Kirsten Lowe-Rebel    Pittsburgh Beer & Monongahela Incline
Marcel Lamont Walker    Spirit of ’17: Rise Up