Can it! The beer, that is.

Saturday, October 14, more FRESH LOCAL BEER coming your way in cans, this time BigHop (in 12oz six packs), our new Highway to Huell Pilsner (in 16oz four packs), and an old favorite, Homewood Reserve 2017 edition (in 16 oz four packs). We searched our brains for the dumbest name we could come up with, and then went even dumber with "Okt-Can-Berfest." Cans go on sale at BOTH locations SATURDAY, 10am at the Taprooom in the Strip (102 19th St), 12pm at the Brewpub (147 Julius St).

• BigHop is our flagship Hoppy American Ale, coming in at 5.8% in a distinctive bright green can. A crowd-pleaser everywhere!
• Highway to Huell is a Czech-style beer brewed with Huell Melon hops that give the beer a light fruity/melon taste. And at 4.1% it's an easy-drinking good time for when you need to be shook all night long.
• Homewood Reserve is another favorite making its debut in cans; our Black Strap Stout is aged in Bourbon Barrels to make it that much sweeter and more complex. At 6.7% it's a perfect fireside beer.

As always, if there's no line, there's no limit on cans. If there is a line, one case each.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 9.30.10 AM.png

Beer Updates:

In addition to Highway to Huell and Homewood Reserve, we've also got...

  • DRUNKIN NUNKIN (aka Bourbon Barrel Aged Nunkin), 6.8% We take pride in harming no pumpkins for our "pumpkin" beer made from an ale base with spices and then aged in Bourbon barrels. It's on tap now, so hurry before it's gone!
  • KRÖN'S KÖLSCH, 5.5%.  When we bring a new brewer on staff here at East End, we always like to work their name into one of their first beers. Andy Kron took the lead on Partly Clahdy but since we already had that name, we're naming our new German-style beer "Krön's Kölsch." This is a highly drinkable lager-like brew style tailored after those hailing from Cologne Germany.
  • BOURBON-BARREL AGED TOASTER, 9.8% We've got a little bit of barrel-aged Toaster, our Imperial Stout, hitting the taps. This big, flavorful beer isn't messing around.
  • COMING SOON: Snow Melt Winter Ale will be on before you know it, along with another new IPA and a surprise collaboration with our pals at Pizza Boy Brewing - we're looking to SHAKE things up for our next canning run. Stay tuned.

Updates and Events


Looking for a place to host a work event, private party, holiday event, fundraiser, or discussion?  We'd love to work with you in our Brewpub in Larimer or Taproom in the Strip. Email events@eastendbrewing.com for more information.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a GOOD BEER fan this holiday season? How about an East End Brewing Gift card? Redeemable at both locations for East End merchandise, tours, or FRESH LOCAL BEER.

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Our spook-facular friends at Sweet Horror are returning on Sunday, October 29 for another all-vegan festival of food, treats, crafts, and more. Get a free taste of our Snow Melt Winter Ale while you sample sweet treats and load up on ghoulishly delightful artwork & crafts from local artists. RSVP here! And while you're at it, mark your calendar for our next Crafts and Drafts Holiday Market on December 9.


  • Wednesday, Oct 11 at the Brewpub: PUB QUIZ with Buzzworthy Pub Trivia and Tango Food Truck at 7pm. Free!
  • Saturday, Oct 14 at BOTH LOCATIONS, OKT-CAN-BERFEST can release. More info here
  • Saturday, Oct 14 at the Brewpub: GRAINS-TO-GLASS Brewery Tour. Tickets here.
  • Wednesday, Oct 18 at the Brewpub: PUB QUIZ with Buzzworthy Pub Trivia and PGH Po'Boy at 7pm. Free!
  • Saturday, Oct 21 at the Brewpub, 12-3pm Penn's Corner End of CSA CelebrationRegister for your free ticket now!
  • Wednesday, Oct 25 at the Brewpub: PUB QUIZ with Buzzworthy Pub Trivia and Tango Food Truck at 7pm. Free!
  • Sunday, Oct 29 at the Brewpub BEER BELLY YOGA hosted by I am Yoga Squirrel Hill with live music! 10am-noon, tickets here.
  • Sunday, Oct 29 at the Brewpub 1-4pm, SWEET HORROR crafts & vegan food & treats show. More info here!