I had originally written out a loooong post here, describing all of the things that have kept us from opening our doors for the last couple of months, but honestly, why focus on a time when we couldn't serve you beer in The Strip? Because those days are soon to be LONG GONE!


Yes! It's time to open our doors... and speaking of time, our hours will be:

  • THU 11-8p
  • FRI 11-10pm
  • SAT 9-10pm
  • SUN 9-8pm

We'll keep 12 beers on tap here (1 nitro, 11 regular draft), and we'll offer sampler flights, pints, Growlers, and Crowlers. Plus all the comforts of home... if you lived in a Taproom with 12 beers on tap. 


We've gone through a few iterations of different possibilities here, but ultimately decided that our focus should be where it's always been: FRESH. LOCAL. BEER. 

That means we'll be BYOFood, allowing you to draw from the SIGNIFICANT culinary options that the greater Strip District has to offer. ...And in time, food the providers from other parts of this building!

That all said, we're still planning on putting on a regular Sunday Beer Brunch about every week with Eliza's Oven. Just not this first weekend. We've got a bit too much on our plates right now, if you know what I mean. :)

So, who's ready for a beer this FRIDAY???