We somehow ended up participating in the brewing of THREE Collaboration Beers for this year's Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. Why three? Why not! A chance to conspire with other talented brewers is not only a lot of fun, but a great way to learn new stuff, play with weird ingredients, and brew on some different equipment too. Here's the rundown of this year's conspiracies:

  • LATE NIGHT MILD: English Dark Mild Ale, dark, light bodied, roasty, and a VERY sessionable 3.6% abv, brewed at EEBC with Daren Szakelyhidi.

Since just about everyone here at EEBC has been a home brewer at some time in their lives, it's makes complete sense that every year, we brew a special beer in conjunction with T.R.A.S.H., the Three Rivers Alliance of Serious Homebrewers. The winner of the "Sessionable Beer" award goes to the highest ranked beer in their competition that 4.5% abv or less. And this past year, Daren Szakelyhidi took the top honors with his Late Night Mild, so we had him out to help us make a nice big batch of it.


  • Citra-Mac: A Belgian Ale late-hopped with Citra and brewed with locally foraged Staghorn Sumac "berries", 6.7% abv, brewed at EEBC with Four Seasons Brewing Co.

Sumac is a spice used in middle eastern cooking and teas, and it NOT the same plant that gives you a rash. It brings a wonderful fruity tartness and lovely pinkish color to this medium bodied , belgian base beer.

  • Passionate Embrace...uncomfortable silence: A hoppy Saison brewed with passion fruit, 6% abv, brewed at GristHouse Brewing Co. with Roundabout Brewery and EEBC.

Certain hop varieties can provide wonderful tropical fruit flavors and aromas in beer. Actual tropical fruit can do this too. We (as a group) decided that a nice, dry saison might be the perfect canvas on which to paint this particular picture for you.

Kegs of ALL THREE of these beers will be making their way around town in the weeks ahead. If you'd like to get a keg of either of the first two, drop us a line. (Talk to GristHouse about landing some of the Passionate Embrace.)

But if you;d just like to taste your way through all three, you can do that here at the Brewery starting on FRIDAY APRIL 15th! In fact, we're cooking up a whole bunch of #PCBW events all week long!