Remember the Beer! (And get a jump start on holiday shopping)

Thursday we're closed for Thanksgiving, and we hope you can spend some time with your loved ones. And to make that time go easier, there's always beer! We're opening early at the Brewpub today (2-8pm) so you can Remember the Beer! We've got lots of great stuff but may we humbly suggest:

  • Along Came a Ginger: For those in your family who "don't like beer" or can't have gluten, try our local apple cider with fresh ginger. It's a holiday treat!
  • Five Teeth Short of a Smile: For those who want something thematic, try this Kentucky Common Ale from TRASH homebrewer Chris Staub's award-winning recipe. Think of it as a darker cream ale, made with real corn and lots of history, it's easy-drinking and goes well with Turkey.
  • Snow Melt Winter Ale: For those who like a winter warmer without all those spices, here's our popular ruby-red malt beer with a hint of hop flavor.
  • 2015 Homewood Reserve: For those who want something nice for after-dinner, we've got just a few bottles left of our bourbon-barrel-aged Black Strap Stout. Get 'em while they last!

We're open regular hours for the rest of the weekend if you're looking for a place to have a drink with family (or "needing to have a drink with family). 

And we know holiday shopping is starting with a fervor! Here's a thought: instead of fighting the crowds, why not give them something they'll really like: Beer! Or beer-themed merchandise! 

We're got a ton of great new stuff, including hoodies and t-shirts in women's sizes, new colors and designs, wool knit hats, and even some great new flannels coming soon! How about a gift card or a shiny new growler? Maybe then they'll even share some of that beer with you! 

Come visit us at either location to buy some new merchandise, or visit our online store at Commonwealth Press. Make shopping easy, and Remember the Beer!