Okay, I guess BEER is probably our favorite word. But REUSE is a close second.

We've been threatening to put in a proper entrance at the Brewery since we moved in over three years ago. After numerous design concepts, considerations, improvements, refinements, drawings, construction bids, further refinements, more improvements, and a whole bunch of permitting, we're finally ready to open the new doors for you to use... TONIGHT!

We wouldn't have been able to make any of this hang together without the support of our neighbors (and GOOD BEER Fans) down the block, at AE Works. Be sure to knock on their door if you're ready to hatch a new scheme!

And yes, before you even ask the question, I can assure you that an actual sign is part of this project. That will be going up just as soon as we can get a few days of weather warm enough to put some paint on the wall. I SWEAR, IT'S TRUE! #showmeasign

The last details of the entrance have come together wonderfully, and my favorite part of it - aside from the fact that we now have our first window - yes, actual daylight in the taproom! ...my favorite part is the materials we were able to incorporate into the design.

The big heavy sliding doors were a Construction Junction pickup that also happens to match the doors that are the front of our bar, gifted to us when we moved in by our GOOD FRIEND and master craftsman, Craig Marcus of Marcus Studio, down the street, when he was taking them out of his building.

And of course the wooden barrel staves that make up the vertical portion of our railing are from barrels that we previously used to age some of our beer. If you count the fact that these once held whiskey and our use of them as tables in our taproom, this is actually their FOURTH use. And we'll even had enough left over barrels to crank out a few matching adirondack chairs to put in the Beer Garden this Spring. Pretty cool, eh?