As you may have heard, the Pgh Public Market will cease operations at 2401 Penn Ave at the end of February 2016... that's THIS MONTH! But fear not GOOD BEER Fans. For a while now, we've been working on a way to keep the GOOD BEER flowing in the Strip District, and we're finally ready to share the details. But first, let's make one thing super clear:


Yes, rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated. Whew! Ok, with that out of the way, here the news...

East End Brewery Taproom horizontal.jpg

Yesterday afternoon, we signed a lease for 102 19th Street in the Strip's "Pennsylvania Building". It's here that some time in the next month or two, we hope to open the doors on a place we'll be calling... the EAST END BREWERY TAPROOM.  


Inside you'll find all the trappings of a REAL TAPROOM, where you can pull up a stool and enjoy a pint from the 12 we have on tap, pick out one of our latest big bottle releases, grab a six pack of BigHop cans, or (of course!) get a few Growlers filled to go. And just like at the Public Market, you'll be able to enjoy a bite to eat. Yes, we'll be serving FOOD on the weekends, in the form of a Beer Brunch. (Hello Beermosas!!!) (edit 6/8/2016)

As you can see, we're already pretty close to being ready for you, but there's still a bit of work to do inside and out to make it our own. A big part of that work is getting the okay from our PLCB pals in Harrisburg to start pouring beer. Even with the permitting work, we're hoping to open next month: As in March.

Update 6/7/2016: So close yet so far for so very many weeks now... we are doing everything we can to get a mid-June opening to happen here. Probably softly at first, and then with a Big Fussy Grand Opening when we're ready. Please stay tuned, and thank you for your patience!

So yeah, calling it a "Growler Shop" just didn't seem right since this is quite a step up for us. And for that big step, we have ALL OF YOU and your thirsty support to thank. THANKS!!!

While I'd have a hard time saying that either of the two Public Market locations have been perfect, overall it's been a great home and an important growth step for our little Brewery. It's allowed us to be a part of The Strip District, Pittsburgh's unique, diverse, vibrant, and food-centric marketplace... and a neighborhood that continues to evolve and grow at an incredible pace.

For now, you'll still find us pouring pints and filling Growlers at 2401 Penn (Update: the old location is now closed), while you dream of the Sunday Morning Beermosas to come when the new place is ready. See you soon!