WEISER PEACH SOUR? Good question!!

We've been brewing the namesake beer for the Steel City Big Pour since the festival's inception, way back in 1969. (I might have the year wrong, so please don't quote me on that.) And the choice of the beer we brew for release at this fest has made a lot of twists and turns over the years.

We've brewed Session Ales, Big Beers, Spiced Beers, Hop Bombs, Belgian Ales, and Fruit Beers - many of which have taken up a regular recurring spot in our annual brew schedule. So this year, with the emerging interest in Sour Ales and beer fermented with non-standard fermenting agents... combined with our recently expanded sour beer program, it seems appropriate to concoct something in this arena for this year's BigPour Brew. And somehow, we actually got this into our schedule early enough to give a beer this complicated some time to come together. Hooray for planning! Move ahead one space!

Hey! Who put that pluot in there!?!

Hey! Who put that pluot in there!?!

We brewed a nice light rye ale base beer, kettle-soured it for 3-4 days, and ran about 150gal of that wort off into our fermenter for secondary fermentation with our house ale yeast. After fermention finished up, we kicked off a tertiary fermentation by adding 100lbs of fresh peaches to the tank, that we picked up on the way back from our collaboration with PizzaBoy Brewing... Fruit from their favorite fruit source, Weiser Orchards.

Aside: We also ran the other ~300 gallons of the kettle-soured wort into oak barrels for fermentation with Brettanomyces... but we'll be ready to talk more about that beer at some point down the line when it's further along.

This light base beer with a delicate combination of lacto-tartness and fruity peachy goodness is way more than we could have hoped for. You can even pick up a little the character of the rye malt in the finished beer if you try hard enough. The combination... well, it's just lovely.* 


Yep, that's the name. There's not a whole lot of this beer to go around, but we'll tap a keg of it at the halfway point in each session of the BigPour on Saturday September 12th. And then we'll release it at the Brewery at a time we still need to sort out... not on BigPour day, like we usually do. There's just too much happening that day to manage it, AND we've got a special packaging surprise we'd like to unveil in our taproom for this beer as well. So stay tuned for that announcement/release, coming soon to a Brewery near you... assuming you are near us.

See you AND this beer at the Big Pour!

* Biased.