It can be tricky to coordinate our schedule sometimes. Tank space, distribution demand, open cooperage, staff time off, hop contracts and availability, and this time of year the most unpredictable of all, Mother Nature. She says when the wet-hop crop is ready, and she's difficult to convince otherwise. With all of this pulling against us, we usually just meet the basic needs and roll with the rest as best as we can.  

But sometimes the stars line up for us without even trying, and we manage to get SIX hop-forward beers at the taps all at once at the peak of freshness. And right when the wet hops come in too.


So we can't resist taking a moment to share all of this with you, our regular customers, the best way we know how... by putting all six into glasses for you to enjoy, right here at the source.

If we did a deal like this on a busy Friday, Saturday, or Sunday in here, it just might be mayhem. (Remember that FOD sampling a while back? I sure do.) So this time the special pricing is just during the week.

Of course, you can still find this whole hoppy lineup in here any time we're open, for regular pay-as-you-go enjoyment by sampler, pint, and Growler, as long as these beers last. But it might be a little less convergencey