You may not think of May as particularly mild in Pittsburgh, given that one weekend we can see snow in the air, and a week later, it's in the 90's. But please know that we are doing our part to make American Mild Month a reality. But of course, with beer. 

In my view, the timing is perfect. Spring is ideal for lower alcohol beers. You've spent the whole winter "going big" and now that the weather has broken, we're all outside lots more... yard work, biking, hiking, and generally enjoying longer, sunnier days. And sometimes - just sometimes, these activities can be complimented by your favorite brewed beverage.

What I reach for on days like these is a nice lower abv beer that's still got lots of flavor. A beer to have at lunchtime... An American MILD!

So early this month, with just the gentlest of nudges from the folks at we resurrected an old favorite from our archives, dusted off the batch sheet, and put a new batch of Brendan's Mild into the tank. 

This wee little 3% of a beer quietly debuted last night at the Brewery, and we'll keep it rolling here as long as it lasts.

Here's Brendan's description: 

This is the first recipe I ever wrote at EEBC some 7 or 8 years ago.  It's a traditional British mild ale style.  All Maris Otter Pale malts plus brown, kiln amber, and some crystal 60.  There were bittering and flavor additions with Fuggle at 90 and 15.  If memory serves me, the hop presence is there more than last time we brewed it and the Brown malt character feels less pronounced.  This comes in truly session-able, at 3.0%, $10 per fill.  I am excited to taste this on cask.  We did one pin for in house use.  (Another pin went to dave carl at brews brothers and a firkin went to Pipers.)  Available to anyone for a time in any sized keg.  15 bbl batch size.