As you might have heard, back on March 18th, a member of our Western PA Brewing Community suffered a big setback. Blue Canoe Brewery is located in part of a large building in the center of Titusville, and there was a large fire in an adjacent part of this building.  While the fire itself didn't damage the brewery or the brewing equipment, there was a significant amount of water damage to both, which has temporarily shut them down.

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How can we help? Driving up to Titusville with a bunch of tools and materials to help them rebuild sure sounds like a nice idea. But actually, that's probably best left to people who do this sort of work every day... and actually know what they're doing.

What's a better way to help another brewery out, using the skills and tools we have at our disposal? Brew some BEER! And send the proceeds their way to help the rebuilding efforts!

So we reached out to their Brewer Justin Dudek, and invited him down to do a special collaboration beer with us on Wednesday of last week. That's him on the left, rinsing out the Mash Tun, while Nordy from East End readies a bag of cane sugar to go into the boil.

As of this writing, we have yet to settle on a name for this beer, but we'll nail that down soon I'm sure. It's something these two have described as an Imperial Shandy... both light and big, and with the Arnold Palmer-esque addition of both lemonade and iced tea.  So this will make for quite a unique addition to our summer beer lineup! (We've already given up on Spring this year in Pittsburgh, right?)

Look for this beer to be on tap at both East End locations in a couple weeks, and by special arrangements at local tap spots shortly thereafter. And please keep in mind that every glass and every Growler will help Blue Canoe get their doors back open!

Or if you'd prefer a more direct approach to supporting them, you can contribute to their fundraising efforts right HERE.