With this wonderful Spring weather upon us, we've been making a more concerted effort to get our Fridays and Saturdays FULLY BOOKED with our Mobile Food partners.  And from the look of the schedule, we're nearly there:

  • Fri 5/1 Nakama
  • Sat 5/2 ROUND UP: Pgh Taco Truck, Franktuary, The Vandal, Healcrest Urban Farm
  • Fri 5/8 <open>
  • Sat 5/9 Brassero Grill
  • Fri 5/15 <open>
  • Sat 5/16 Eliza's Oven
  • Fri 5/22 Brassero Grill
  • Sat 5/23 Berlin Street Food
  • Fri 5/29 Brassero Grill
  • Sat 5/30 Berlin Street Food

(Food trucks operators: If you'd like to come out, fill some gaps, fill some mouths, drop us a line!)

We really like having great food for you here every Friday and Saturday like this. Not only because we like to eat it, but because it makes our beer taste even better!

But cooking on the road isn't always a breeze. For these guys to come out, and come out REGULARLY like this, it sure helps when there's lots of people here who are ready to eat.  The more successful they are when they're here, the easier it is for them to say YES when we invite them back.

So if you can manage it, don't just come thirsty to the Brewery. Come HUNGRY too!