Well HEY, that was fun! Thanks for coming over on Saturday for Gratitude Release Day everyone!

I've been getting a lot of questions about a lot of Gratitude-related things, including what's left. So I figured an update is in order.  Here's the rundown...

  • 2014 Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude has sold out.
  • 2014 Gratitude Barleywine is still available, and will be in stock at BOTH our locations for the next few weeks... in my estimation it will last at least this long.
  • There's still 2008A "flawed" in stock at the Brewery, and it's tasting better than ever!
  • There's still a couple full cases of Flatitude available at the Brewery.









If you want to enjoy some Gratitude in our tap room at the Brewery, there's also some bottles of these left, chilled and ready to open. All you need to do is ask:

  • 2006 Gratitude (unlabeled)
  • 2008A Gratitude
  • 2009 Gratitude (unlabeled)
  • 2010 Gratitude (unlabeled)
  • 2014 Gratitude
  • 2014 Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude (unlabeled)


Now that's that bit of business is covered, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came out on Saturday. This release has grown each year for us, and every year, I'm shocked to hear how long you guys have been waiting outside for us to open our doors so that you can get this beer - and this year, it was in the rain, starting at something like 6am... And that's for a noon opening!

Given the amount and nature of the beers involved (yes, barleywine is strong), it was really a remarkably well-behaved bunch.  (Especially when you consider that it was also St. Patrick's Day Parade Day.)  So thank you also for that too!

And thank you for spending your hard earned money with us! This day allows us to pay a lot of bills, and do things that we simply couldn't manage to do in the timing that we would like to do them. Stuff like... Improve our Beer, improve our Brewery, and hire more staff. Put another way, it allows us to GROW. So thanks!

But mostly, I'm happy with how smoothly everything went. Putting on a fun, fair, and civilized event is always our goal for these, and the fact that every single person in line had a chance to purchase their limit of each beer (which we set at one case, and were able to hold to as the line was depleted), tells me that this goal was reached. Which is a HUGE RELIEF!


Now, there is the matter of the Charity Auction for the (nearly) complete Gratitude Vertical that Fat Gary so kindly donated. And now... let's add to that a SECOND nearly complete Gratitude Vertical that was donated by Al from PizzaBoy, out of his personal stash!

(I think the 2005 is absent from Al's set, because I saw him open it at a release day a couple years ago, pour himself a sample, and unceremoniously pass the rest out to everyone standing around him. Seriously, how classy a move is that???)

So, it's going to take me a little bit to figure out how to auction beer, as I don't think ebay does this anymore. But if you have a suggestion, I'd love to hear it!

Cheers - Scott (and ALL of your Gratitude Release Day Crew)