It's that time of year, when you're scrambling to find that perfect something for that special someone in your life. Well, we've got LOTS of special somethings to go around - liquid and non liquid gifts for all the naughty and nice boys and girls out there (assuming these boys and girls are of suitable drinking age).

Here's a quick rundown of some of our more special holiday offerings, for your shopping pleasure: 

The 12 Crowlers of Christmas:

It's hard to pick beer for someone else, so here's the solution... one of each of the 12 beers we have on tap! Even better than last year's 12 Growlers of Christmas, the 12 CROWLERS of Christmas comes in air-tight, light-proof, fresh-filled BIG 32oz CANS, with a nice long shelf life. That way, there's less concern about pushing through the whole set before the beer starts to lose its luster, Holidays are for RELAXING over a few beers, not stressing over them, right?

12 cans, 32oz each, filled fresh while you wait, from each of our 12 taps. $80+tax, Brewery location only. No substitutions please.

Big Bottle Variety Pack: 

How cool would it be to land a 12 pack of big bottles spanning a HUGE range of beer styles, all at once? It'd be like landing an instant beer cellar for that "gotta have one of everything" beer loving somebody in your life. The contents of these cases include some otherwise long sold out rarities like Brett Hop, Sketchy, and Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude. And like the 12 Crowlers of Christmas, you'll save a few bucks in the process.  Limited availability, only 7 cases remaining in stock as of today, split between our two locations.

Fresh New Wearable GOOD BEER Gear:

The screen printing and embroidery elves have been working overtime on some SPIFFY new Brewery Apparel to outfit the GOOD BEER Fan in your life. We've got 2 new styles of Workshirts in stock ($40), 2 new styles of PLAY  shirts ($45), a couple new tshirt designs ($15), cozy EEBC hoodies in black or green ($40), and a bunch of new knit beanies ($14) displayed here in weird beanie-wreath form. We'll be getting these all up on our webstore soon, but for now, you'll have to come see us to land some of these beauties.

Don't forget! Your BEER needs a new outfit too: 

I know you've been eyeballing our Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle style Growlers for months now. And we've just landed a new style of these amazing containers for you to load up with your favorite empty later. And don't worry, it'll stay cold for up to 12 hours sitting in the hottest of cars, at the height of summer's heat. I'm mean, I don't recommend treating your beer (OUR BEER) so carelessly as a rule, but sometimes things happen... and for those times, THE TANK Growler is here for you.

Available in any color you want, as long as it's green... $40+tax.

Beer Belly Yoga Classes, Brewery Tours, Tickets to the GOOD WOOD Fest...

If a Brewery EXPERIENCE is more of what you have in mind for that GOOD BEER Fan in your life, we've got no shortage of those in our EVENTS calendar, so feel free to click on through and snatch up some tickets while you can!

Don't worry too much about picking a date that will work. As long as we've got 48 hours of advanced notice before an event, we can easily swap you (our your gift recipient) out to a different date.


We've taken measures to put the ultimate safety net in place for you this beer-shopping season... The EEBC GIFT CARD. When you're all out of ideas, but you are absolutely POSITIVE that they love beer!

Or just bring them in for a couple pints. Your time together is the best gift of all...and just think how much of it you've already spent reading this!

Happy Shopping, and Happy Holidays!