Every few years it's important to step back, take a long hard look, and make sure that you aren't letting the world pass you by.  Tastes change, palates evolve, and a once new and exciting lineup of beer styles can become dated.  So we've decided to make a BIG change here to make sure that never happens at East End Brewing.

Hoppy beers have always been our most popular offerings, as evidenced by the popularity of our flagship BigHop.  And now, after months of work, we've finally readied ourselves to bring some changes that we think you'll be very excited about...

We're changing to an all IPA Brewery.

You'll still see some familiar names here, but all with a new twist.  So starting TODAY, here's our tap list:

Black Strap Stout IPA

Chocolate Covered Cherry Stout IPA

Crystal Schip (wine barrel aged, sour brown) IPA

Joe Melt IPA

Monkey Boy Hefeweizen IPA

Fat Gary Nut Brown Ale IPA

Snow Melt Winter Ale IPA

East End Witte IPA

Barmy Root Beer IPA

Barmy Ginger Ale IPA

Steel Cut Oatmeal Stout IPA

The Lemon Project #727 IPA



And later this Spring and Summer, we'll have beers like... 

Pedal Pale Ale IPA

Green Giant IPA IPA

Bigger Hop Double IPA IPA

Big Hop Harvest Ale IPA


But please don't worry. We're not changing the recipe for any of these beers. Just the names. Because we know that's what you want. Some of them already lean somewhat hoppy. Others not so much. But now they'll all be loved equally with these new names.

Now, when is IPA day again? Because I can't wait to find some people who hate hoppy beers, and introduce them to all of these special IPAs on that day!