Maybe you've heard of Bayardstown Social Club?  If not, have a look at this article which gives you a nice view of what it is, and how it came to be, thanks to our pals at DeepLocal.  And if you read that article carefully, you'll undoubtedly pick up on the special release of a Bayardstown BIG Bottle Beer, done in collaboration with a certain local brewery... Hey, that's us!

We just got the final label approvals in place for this beer TODAY, so it's time to book the release party and get the beer into your hands.  Oh, the beer... I should talk about that.

We brewed what we hope is the ultimate backyard quencher, perfect for an evening around the fire pit, with a few GOOD FRIENDS.  It's a light, crisp, hazy, wheat-based beer, brewed with a significant, tropical fruit hop character.  At a modest 4.7% abv, it's also something you can spend the day with and not hurt yourself.

I should also mention that you might know this beer under the name WheatHop, which we released on draft about a week and a half ago.  Same beer.  But of course, bottle conditioning a beer can alter the flavor profile slightly...  Hopefully, making it even better.  The Bayardstown label on it certainly makes it COOLER.

We're doing a special release for these bottles at Bayardstown Social Club, but we haven't set the date just yet.  But stay tuned, as you'll not want to miss it.  

Update: Release is 10/16/2014 at Bayardstown!

Especially if you're a Bayardstown Social Club member, because if you can prove it, you'll save a couple bucks per the Brewery, and at our Growler Shop.