In the last couple weeks, we've tapped WheatHop, Nunkin, and BigHop Harvest, and put two new beers into the tanks.  So it's not too surprising that I've neglected to post anything about the new beer we're tapping today at the BigPour, and at both of our locations... so let's remedy that!

On a recent visit to Brazil for the World Cup, a couple of our brewers were inspired by a cacao spiced brazilian brew.  (Yes, that's a big ol handful of Cacao Nibs in that photo!)  This year's big pour brew follows that inspiration.  A 4.8% amber aged on cocoa nibs.  We are naming it "cacao-cacao", best pronounced as a shreek across the festival floor as 'ka-kow ka-kow!!'.  Or if you're not hitting the fest, across the bar to your favorite Growler Hours hosts.

Simul-Tapping is at 1:30pm today, at all THREE locations!