It's Hop Harvest time of year again, and that of course means it's time to make our long drive to the hop farms of upstate NY to bring back a thousand or so pounds of fresh-picked wet hops for our Big Hop HARVEST Ale.  We've just about got this routine down now after so many years at it... we start driving, they start picking, we arrive, they load us up, and we drive back home and get it into the tanks, and into the beer.  Easier said than done, but it's always worth it!

In addition to HARVEST, we've somewhat accidentally managed to get a bit of hoppy beer convergence here with some other beers in our lineup, and soon to be in our lineup.  Here's the full rundown:

With help from our pals at Gtech and Garfield Farms (and a number of our GOOD BEER Fans!), we've once again gotten a load of super-local wet hops that we're using to conjure up 3 wet-hopped versions of our beers for Gtech's Hoptoberfest Celebration in early September at Marty's Market.  There will be food+beer pairings to enjoy, you can meet the hop farmers, and hear all about what I believe to be the BEST way to put otherwise vacant and neglected land to use in our city...growing hops.  Watch for an announcement of this coming shortly, and a chance to get your tickets before it sells out.  (There is a limited supply of these beers.)

It's our tradition that when someone brews their first recipe here at East End Brewing, we tuck their name into the beer to ensure that they get their fair share of credit or blame, depending on how it turns out.  Well, our man Joe Green put together a 100% Citra-hopped IPA called Green Giant  that's on tap now, and quickly becoming a crowd favorite.  At this rate, it won't last forever, so get in here and get some while it's on.  And you can credit/blame him in person.

Wheat Hop returns too!  This year with a really unique mix of tropical hops that bring an amazing amount of floral fruitiness to an otherwise low alcohol, lightly flavored wheat beer.  You could call it a Session IPA, but mostly we just call it WheatHop.  Though a bit of it is also going to go into bottles for our pals at Bayardstown Social Club... bottles available to members at a discount, but also available to all of yinz as well in Growler and bottled forms.  Watch for the Bayardstown Big Bottle here in another month or so.

And of course, we've still got one more batch of Pedal Pale Ale to brew for the season.  It's hard to believe summer is winding down already, and even harder to say goodbye to this beer for the year.  But plan on seeing it here at least until Halloween, for your hoppy enjoyment, whether you've just ridden your bike or not.

Oh!  And I almost forgot (adding this about half an hour later)! We're putting a fresh batch of BiggerHop into the tank late next week, continuing to tweak and improve this double ipa recipe.  For maximum freshness, we're only going to bottle a little this time, and release the rest into the wild in draft form.  This way, we can keep our bottled stock refrigerated, fresh, and tasty.  Just like the draft.

So yeah, a hoppy convergence here at EEBC, just in time for #IPADay, which is TODAY!

Cheers, Scott