From our social media posts Saturday night...

"Well THAT was nuts! My apologies to everyone who we had to turn away for#FOD tasting... Had no idea we'd see this turnout."

"And THANK YOU ALL for your patience today! We're still picking up the pieces, from what was clearly our busiest day EVER. #FOD "

"So yeah, even with 50 people tasting 12 beers each, that's 600 pours. And we never had less than 100 people in the room ALL DAY. #mathfail"

...and then the tour bus arrived."

You can probably connect the dots and understand that we were completely overwhelmed on Saturday.  Within 15 minutes of opening the door, we realized that we had SIGNIFICANTLY underestimated the crowd we were going to get.  100-150 people in the room for 5+ hours, each expecting 12 poured tasters... that's not really possible in the time and space we had to work with.

We did what we could to push on through, but it was NOT the experience we wanted to give you at the brewery.  I know a lot of you left frustrated, empty handed, empty Growlered.  And I am so VERY SORRY about that.

If we had known it was going to be this busy, we certainly would have set things up differently... spread the tasting stations around, used a set tasting sequence to move the line better, opened up the rest of the building.  But that will have to happen next time.

But it was not all downside.  Thanks to you, we raised $608 for Light of Life, which we will match with another $608 to help people in need, right here in Pittsburgh. (Some of you were kind enough to kick in a couple extra bucks to the cause in the midst of all the craziness, which is awesome!)

So if Saturday was your first time coming to see us, please know that it has NEVER been like that in here before.  And quite frankly, I hope it never will be again.  So do stop in and give us another try.   In fact, we still have all 12 of these #FOD beers here - just not 100% of them on draft... Making this week the perfect time to circle back.  I can guarantee a significantly better beer-to-mayhem ratio for all concerned.

Cheers - Scott