It's Sunday night (or at least it was when I started writing this), and I'm sitting at home with a tasty beverage, after no less than two naps today. TWO!  But after the busy week of SHENANIGANS we've had, that's definitely fine by me.

Oh, the trouble we can get ourselves into... At times, this-week-Scott was cursing 8-weeks-ago-Scott for having the brilliant notion of a full WEEK of SHENANIGANS to mark our Brewpub's Grand Opening.  But now that it's all over, I can't imagine it going any better.* Thanks to all of you of course...


If you missed some of these, don't worry.  Many will happen again... More Weird Beer Nights, more Food+Beer events (Moos and Brews beer+cheese pairings, and "mobile food" happenings like Spak Bros and Pgh Taco Truck), and of course, more Beer Belly Yoga. Maybe with some minor tweaks and improvements too.  Just not this month...

So, thanks everyone for an awesome opening! The concentrated week of shenanigans may be over, but there's no reason we can't shenanAGAIN in the New Year. But I promise that will be the last of those jokes.

See you around the Brewpub!

Cheers - Scott


 * There was actually one missing element in the week, but I'll get into that on a separate post. And by then, we'll hopefully have a plan to remedy it!