As if a full week of Shenanigans isn't enough, to further celebrate our Brewpub's Grand Opening (and to gently cajole you into stopping by for a pint or a bit of holiday shopping), we're sweetening the deal with a bunch of specials, running for the entire month of December.  So, come get your Growler/Shopping/GOOD BEER on with us!

Starting NOW:

  • All vintage EEBC Ball caps (the ones with the sewn on patch) are now just $10.
  • All vintage EEBC Logo Tshirts (with the pint/sun logo on the front) are now just $10.
  • Nearly all of our BIG BOTTLES are 2 bucks off:
    • Toaster Imperial Stout
    • Monkey's Uncle Weizenbock
    • Eye Opener Coffee Porter
    • Smokestack Heritage Porter
  • Session Beer Special: MonkeyGirl Dunkelweizen 64oz Growler fill is just 6 bucks. Yep, same price as a 32oz fill!

The fine print:

To invoke these discounts, you need to utter the magical phrase  "Happy BREWPUB GRAND OPENING!" to your barkeep. He will undoubtedly grin, and promptly make the necessary adjustments to your tab.

These specials are for the Brewery Location  - or as we say now, THE BREWPUB LOCATION!!! ...and will run as long as supplies last. Or until we decide that you've had enough super awesomeness for one month... Or maybe two months.  After that, it's back to plain old regular awesomeness around here.