Woo-hoo!  Our new 32oz Growlers came in earlier than we expected.  That kind of thing NEVER happens around here.  And while we will certainly offer them individually (starting NOW at the Brewery, next weekend at The Shop), I can't help but put something together to celebrate the happy coincidence that they come 12 to a box and we happen to have 12 beers on tap at the brewery.

So from now until Christmas, we'll be offering a 12 Beers of Christmas pack of these awesome little jugs, each filled with one beer from our current lineup.  Pricing it out with the $3 deposit for each jug, the total comes to $122.  But hey, it's the holiday season.  So how about we call it an even $100?

No substitutions please, and this is just for the draft beers at the Brewery location where we have 12 taps.  Here's  the lineup... which may change in the weeks ahead, as some winter brews come on line.  But we'll hold the same price to keep things simple.

Hark on.