For at least a year and a half now, we've been talking about getting a license in place to sell beer by the glass.  Actually, you've been asking us for a place to sit down with a pint of freshly drawn East End Brew right here, at the source... pretty much since we opened our doors nearly 10 years ago.  (TEN YEARS!)  Now that we've got the space for it, we've been working on the rest of what it will take to make this happen.

But, it's so easy to get distracted.  And by that, I mean the typical, primary priorities of safety, quality, and production that come with running a production brewery.  Settling into the new place has taken us quite a while, but it gets better every week.  And if you've been following us on twitter/fb, you know that we've also been doing some kind of construction in here EVERY SINGLE MONTH since we opened the new place.  And it's still happening. 


This past Spring we ripped out a massive internal steel structure to make way for 1600 sq feet of new concrete.  In addition to making a spot for couple new tanks, and some oak barrels, this space opens up a bunch of new possibilities for us...think CANS.  And that's just the work in the back. 

This fall, we'll turn our attention to the front of house, creating a proper entryway, complete with some serious facade improvements, reconfiguring our lot, and (gasp!)... proper signage.  And hopefully, we'll get all this in place before we're ready for our Grand Opening Week of SHENNAGINS... but more on that in another post later on. 

No, we will not be restricting parking to red, green, and white cars.


Back in December, without hardly trying, the ACHD license kind of fell into our laps.  Turns out, we just had a couple of minor things to get into place for Brewpub service, and those were easy to pull off.

The license for by-the-glass sales has proven to be a bit more elusive.  And as you might imagine, a whole lot more frustrating.  So with our licensing paperwork submitted and the orange sign hung for coming up on 2 months now, we continue to wait, and field the occasional odd question from the PLCB while they more our application... forward?  I hope!

When the time comes, we will serve REAL FOOD.  Something light and simple, something tasty that we ourselves would want to eat.  Something complimentary to the beers we will be serving.  And of course something LOCAL.  In all likelihood, we'll be partnering with local food experts to help us put together something easy to execute every day we're open.  This will satisfy the PLCB's food requirement.  And then we'll likely supplement that by enlisting the portable food pros from Pittsburgh's ever-growing Food Truck scene.

So either way, you'll definitely be able to eat well here.  (And of course there will ALWAYS be vegetarian and vegan options.)  But it won't distract from what will continue to be our reason for existing: Brewing GOOD BEER for all of our GOOD FRIENDS... who we can't wait to have over for a few pints!

Now, with most of these wonderful distractions in the rear view, if that license would just come in, we can flip the switch and get this thing started!