Thanks for thinking of us for your Holiday Shopping needs!  (You WERE thinking of us, right?)  Luckily, we've got some sweet new stuff coming around this year that will be sure to thrill the GOOD BEER Fan in your life.  Check these out:

Spring Keg Ride Tickets are on sale! What's more fun than blindly following a bunch of kegs around on your bike with 600 of your closest friends, waiting for them to be tapped? We put tickets on sale early this year, just for you.  Yes, YOU.

The PERFECT Growler? We're really upping our game here with this one: Stainless steel, double-walled, vacuum insulated, and sporting our brand new brewery logo. In hot weather, this thing keeps beer cold forever.(Shipping just after Christmas.)

The Growlette Okay, I admit it. There are times when I can't power through a 64oz Growler in one sitting, and I'm left with a collection of 1/4 full jugs of mostly flat but otherwise delicious beer in my fridge.  Other times, a 32oz single-serving container is EXACTLY what I'm looking for.  So here you have it - the solution to both problems in one shot!  A 32oz "Growlette", a "mini-Growler", a "Half Growler", or maybe even a "Bark".  We haven't completely decided on the name just yet. (Shipping just after Christmas.)

Other non-beer goodies: We've got a whole new shiny new webstore, packed to the rafters with plenty of new T-shirt designs, GOOD BEER Gear, and East End Brewing GiftCards... so you can even buy somebody some BEER from here on your screen.

And hey, if you're more about coming to see us to shop and taste IN-PERSON, we've got some Extended GrowlerHours Thanksgiving week at the Brewery to help with that too. 

Thanks again for making us a part of your holidays.  Hope to see you soon!