It's been a long time coming, with probably half a dozen runs at it, but now we've finally got it up and running.  Better look and feel, simple and well thought out design, organized to meet our needs (YOUR needs actually), a bunch of of fresh new content, integration with social media, and a killer new webstore with a bunch of new stuff.  Heck, we even tucked our new brewery logo in there!

Who helped do all this?  Jeff Bearer, half of CraftBeerRadio... He did the website.  And the logo, that's the excellent work of the folks at the awesome Commonwealth Press.  I can't praise either of them enough for having the patience to work with a scatterbrain like me, easily distracted by any shiny object tha..... Oh! Would you look at that!!!

So where was I?  Oh, so anyway, have a look around.  There's still a little redding up to do here and there, and a little thin on blog content at the moment.  But fear not.  That won't last long with a blabbermouth like me.

And yes, that's a picture of our new used box truck.