Yes… a pickle beer!

Back in April, we delivered FRESH LOCAL BEER by bicycle to a particular establishment in the Strip District, along with about 400 of our closest friends. This was for our annual spring charity event we call the Pedal Pale Ale KEG RIDE. This year’s destination was one of our most loyal tap spots throughout these last 15 years of brewing, Primanti Brothers.

Of course, anyone who has spent any time in Pittsburgh understands what an institution this place is. Personally, my first experience there was in the fall of 1984, in the wee small hours, which is the only time of day they were open back then.

We had such a fun time putting the Keg Ride event together with these folks, we thought it might be cool to collaborate on a special beer together… something that would go PERFECTLY with a Primanti’s sandwich.

Although we talked about french fries, slaw, and even capicola ham, ultimately we decided that the best choice was to brew a beer that tasted like the pickle you get with every Primanti’s order.

After crunching our way through most of a five gallon bucket of signature pickles, we developed a close enough relationship with the flavor profile to make a plan… a brew plan that included about 630 lbs of French cucumbers, dill, coriander, and salt.

We’re REALLY excited about how this came out. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever drink a pickle beer and want another one immediately afterward, but hats off to our Head Brewer Brendan for absolutely nailing it.

“First Crack” as we’re calling it, is this Thursday morning at 10:30 at the Primanti’s in Market Square, and I hope you’ll join us! But if you can’t, know that we’ll be releasing cans and draft at a number of different Primanti’s locations, as well as here at the brewery, when your doors open at 4pm.

And of course, be sure to GET A SANDWICH to go with that pickle (beer)!


Real-time BEER LISTS at your beckon call.

<< Due to a little website glitch, the original publication date of Feb 21 was lost on this post… if that even matters. Anyway, carry on.>>

We try to stay focused on BEER around here, but sometimes you need to put some other stuff in place to make things work better for everyone... especially for you, the GOOD BEER Fan. 

The biggest question we get on any platform (and there are so many different platforms to use to reach out to us these days) usually comes in the form of “Hi. Is AWESOME BEER #372 still or tap at the Brewery location?”  or “Do you have cans of AWESOME BEER #214 left in the Strip?

This week, we switched on our “Today’s Beers” list on the website and the mobile website, providing you with this info IN REAL TIME, faster and more accurately than we ever could before. Every time we put on a new keg, our bartenders update our point of sale system, and it auto-syncs with the menu screens on the wall, and these lists on our website and mobile site. And, we’ve even added bottle and can availability to these lists... which you can open, and even save as a bookmark on your smartphone.

You can still drop us a line to say hi any time you like. But self serve beer availability info, up to date and accurate, automatically.... that’s pretty cool, right? Try it out HERE.




The Beers of Summer!

Honestly, this one is kind of big news for us. We're talking about the biggest beer project we've ever taken on here at East End. And it all starts on June 1.

But before we get into that, let's tell you all about our new Kölsch beer; a light, crisp, easy drinking, lager-like beer that won't hurt you (5.4% ABV) or your pocketbook ($12 for a 4 pack of 16oz cans). We love the fresh new design that Commonwealth Press did for our cans, simultaneously old-school and modern. It's available on draft and in cans this Saturday, June 1. And speaking of Saturday...

The YOU ARE HERE Neighborhood Beer Project

We've been thinking a lot lately about our last 15 years of brewing beer in Pittsburgh, what it means to be a "local brewery", what it means to brew beer for locals to enjoy, and how people become connected to this notion. Pittsburgh is a city of neighborhoods, each with their own identities, and fiercely loyal populations.

So to celebrate the wonderful diversity of neighborhoods that is Pittsburgh, we've decided to brew a brand new beer to for each and every one of them. And yeah, that's a long list. By our reckoning, we're looking at 92 different beers for 92 different neighborhoods.

As these new beers roll out, this project becomes a wonderful way for all of us here at EEBC, as well as you, our GOOD BEER Fans, to more deeply engage with our Pittsburgh home, neighborhood by neighborhood, beer by beer. It also lets us get out into the neighborhoods to do more pop-up style can releases at unique spots around town, connecting with the community partners and incredible people we have come to know and respect in Pittsburgh over the last 15 years of brewing here.

Pittsburgh has always been our home, and I hope people will take this opportunity to get out of their comfort zones and explore it a bit more with us.

Now, about that ALLENTOWN beer...

The first beer we're releasing in the YOU ARE HERE Neighborhood Beer Series is anImperial Shandy; a 7.5% ale brewed with locally sourced tea (from Prestogeorge) and lemon juice. It's also our idea of what a delicious backyard summer beer can be.

We hand-picked the neighborhood of ALLENTOWN for this first release, since that's the home of our GOOD FRIENDS and long term design partners over at Commonwealth Press. As you can see here, Dan from CWPress stopped by to toast the kickoff of this project with a fresh can, right off the canning line. (Dan's the one NOT grinning like an idiot.)

We'll release ALLENTOWN in cans and on draft on Saturday, June 1 at both our Larimer Brewpub and at our Strip District Taproom as soon as our doors open. And we're also happy to announce that you'll also find it at two additional locations in Allentown:

We hope you enjoy ALLENTOWN, (both the beer and the neighborhood) this weekend and beyond! And oh - while Dan was out to see us, we had him randomly pick from the remaining neighborhood names and he selected the next one to be... OVERBROOK!

OVERBROOK will be the name of a nice, light, hazy session pale ale we already have bubbling away in the tank, coming out in cans and draft in a few weeks! Stay tuned for more info on the release date, and location. Hopefully we can manage to find a spot to do another in-neighborhood release, in the neighborhood.


As a (monthly) reminder, you can always click on THE BREWPUB or THE TAPROOMunder the TODAY'S BEERS heading on our website to see a current list of what's on tap and what bottles & cans we have. Here's a bit of what's currently on draft and coming soon:

  • PEDAL PALE ALE, 5%  We're winding down on this beer but it's back with this year's last round of 16oz cans for your summertime pleasure. We've also got a limited amount on Nitro with grapefruit on tap. Get it before it's gone!

  • SACRED TULSI, 6.2%  This lacto-fermented tart ale is first fermented with Hefeweizen yeast and conditioned on Holy Basil (aka Tulsi), which brings notes of fresh blueberries to the finish.

  • FOR THE CULTURE 2.0, 9.1% A big Imperial Brut IPA, brewed in collaboration with Black Brew Culture for Fresh Fest 2019. This beer has been wowing fans at both locations so get it on draft or in cans while it lasts.

  • KÖLSCH and ALLENTOWN SHANDY are both coming up on draft starting this Saturday, June 1.


  • BLACK HOP is almost SOLD OUT on draft.

  • SMALL BEER - APOLLO EDITION is down to the very last keg of this single-hopped session ale.

Looking for a job? We're growing and opening our restaurant soon, so we need some more help behind the bar. Bartending/service industry experience is helpful, as is beer knowledge. But the right attitude and energy level is probably even more valuable to us. Interested? Please don't email or call. Instead, click the link here to apply.


Don't know what to get Dad for Father's Day this year? Get him something he'll really love - a brewery tour!

On Saturday, June 15 at 1pm we're hosting a tour of our brewery where you'll learn all about how the beer is made, enjoy samples of four different styles, and get a $15 credit per ticket so you can take home some cans, a growler, the tour guide, whatever!. Click here for tickets

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 3.39.26 PM.png

It's almost here! We've been so excited about the new restaurant that our pals Justin Severino & Hilary Prescott have been working on in our Larimer Brewpub, and it's been a thrill to see it all come together. Judging from the emails and messages we get asking if the restaurant is open yet, we can tell that you're pretty excited about it too!

So we're thrilled to announce that the restaurant will opening... soon? But seriously, it's still looking like Spring... or we suppose, the end of Spring. Don't worry, we'll make a BIG fuss when it's time. We promise.

Upcoming Events:

  • PUB QUIZ, Wednesday, June 5 and 12, at the Brewpub in Larimer (if that wasn't obvious), 7pm. Free to play, bring your own food, win beer-ey stuff!

  • POETRY & PINTS  Thursday, June 6, at the Taproom in the Strip, 6pm. Do you enjoy a great pint and amazing poetry? Come on out to Poetry and Pints at East End Brewing! Great local poets and fantastic beer, it’s sure to be a good time. We'll have a host and poetry books available if you have a passion to read.  RSVP here!

  • Father's Day EDITION: GRAINS TO GLASS BREWERY TOUR Saturday, June 15, at the Brewpub in Larimer, 1pm. Click here for tickets!

That's all for now. We hope to see you around the neighborhood some time soon!



Thanks to everyone who rode with us on the Keg Ride!

After a full week of rain, we somehow had crystal clear skies AND an amazing turnout for the 15th Annual Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride. As you may be able to piece together from this photo, our secret destination was Primanti Bros in the Strip, who've been big fans of our beer for years.

Fun fact: Being their original spot, this is the only Primanti's location that doesn't serve draft! But they were able to close down the whole block for us, set up a portable draft station, add some live music, and bring out their food truck to handle the overflow.

So a huge thanks to all of you GOOD BEER Fans for making it an awesome day! If you want to see more pics and videos that people took on the ride, just click here.

And hey, if you're interested in learning more about our Keg Ride beneficiary, Auberle Foster Care, or if you want to learn more about foster care in general, we've got a great event for you on Tuesday, May 14 at the Brewery. Stop by starting at 6:30pm for a casual information session about how you can get involved and help #fostergoodness. Click here to RSVP.

If you missed the Keg Ride don't worry; Draft and FRESH cans of Pedal Pale Ale are now available for sale at both EEBC locations and at GOOD BEER stores near you. If your favorite local spot doesn't have it, just ask for it by name and hopefully they can land some for you!


As a reminder, you can always click on THE BREWPUB or THE TAPROOM under the TODAY'S BEERS heading on our website to see a current list of what's on tap and what bottles & cans we have. Here's a bit of what's currently on draft and coming soon:

  • PEDAL PALE ALE 5%  What else can we say about our flagship Pale Ale, a light crisp beer with plenty of bright hop character and low bitterness... Could it be the perfect post-bike-ride beverage?

  • MANDARINA PILSNER 4%  Speaking of easy-drinking, our unfiltered Pilsner (aka a Kellerbier) brewed with Mandarina Bavaria hops is a great beer for spring, on draft at both locations now.

  • JOE MELT 7% You asked and we heard you; Joe Melt is back on Nitro! This is our Snow Melt Winter Ale dosed with Pittsburgh's own Commonplace Coffee; get it while it lasts!


  • PENNSYLVANIA HANDSHAKE Milkshake IPA and MASHUGUNA BBA Pastry Stout are both nearly SOLD OUT in cans, so if you want some, this is your last reminder!


  • SACRED TULSI, a special bottle-conditioned, wild fermented version of Monkey Boy with Holy Basil. This is a rare treat, watch for bottle release details coming soon.

  • FOR THE CULTURE 2.0 is a... well, just read below.


Last year's FRESH FEST was such a hit that they're bringing it back on August 10 (Click here for tickets) and we're proud to be a part of it again. Once again, we've partnered with festival co-founder, MIKE POTTER from BLACK BREW CULTURE to make a new version of last year's Brut IPA: For The Culture 2.0!

For this light-bodied, champagne-like, hop forward style of beer, we went Imperial this time... by bumping up the Pilsner Malt (raising the abv to 9.1%), and upping the late addition hops from last year's 3.5lbs per barrel to a borderline ridiculous rate of 5.1lbs per barrel. We stuck with the same three varieties of Nelson Sauvin, Hallertau Blanv, and Idaho Seven hops, which just burst tropical fruit and white wine like notes... again, just perfect for this style. Can you tell we're excited about this one???

But best of all, you don't have to wait till FRESH FEST in August to get this beer. We're releasing it in cans and draft at the FRESH FEST SILENT DISCO preview event at the Ace Hotel on FRIDAY, MAY 17. Click here for tickets and to learn more; we'll see you there!


Our new Brewpub patio in Larimer is poured and open for business! Yes, we've still got some final changes to make this month... new furniture, some new plantings, and a cool new fence that'll really tie the whole room together.

And of course, we're still building the final parts of our kitchen inside as we get ready for our restaurant opening. Watch for a separate announcement on that when we're ready to roll. It'll be SOON. VERY soon. I swear!

But for now, come sit outside and enjoy this glorious Spring weather while it lasts. And of course, friendly dogs on leash are always welcome on the patio.

Don't know what to get mom for Mother's Day this Sunday? You know what every mom really deserves? A BEER! I mean, she raised you right, right? That's got to be worth something.


So how about taking mom on a tour of her favorite local brewery? Saturday, May 11 at 1pm we're hosting a tour of our brewery where you'll learn all about how the beer is made, enjoy samples of four different styles, and get a $15 credit per ticket so mom can take home the cans, growler, tour guide, or East End Brewing merchandise she's always dreamed of. Click here for tickets... and plan ahead for Father's Day because we've got a tour on Saturday, June 15 for Dad too!


Good news for lovers of Pennsylvania beer! If you didn't get a chance to see GK Visual's POURED IN PENNSYLVANIA documentary when we showed it last year, it's now streaming on Amazon Prime! Fire up your account and enjoy these two superstars talking about (what else) beer!

Harrisburg area GOOD BEER Fans: Please take notice. We are planning a THREE DAY Taproom pop-up, complete with taster flights, a big spread of cans to go, and of course, much more! We'll be popping up at Sip @ Soma, at 13 S. Third St., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania form May 17-19. (Note: Free tickets must be "purchased" here for the Thursday and Friday sessions. Saturday is OPEN SEASON!.)

Got your eye on something special you’d like us to bring from our catalog? RSVP to the Facebook event here and let us know you're coming!


Upcoming Events:

  • PUB QUIZ, Wednesday, May 8, 15, 22, 29 at the Brewpub in Larimer every Wednesday (if that wasn't obvious), 7pm. Free to play, bring your own food, win stuff!

  • Mother's Day Edition: GRAINS TO GLASS BREWERY TOUR Saturday, May 11, at the Brewpub in Larimer, 1pm. Click here for tickets!

  • FOSTER CARE INFORMATION NIGHT Tuesday, May 14, at the Brewpub in Larimer, 6:30pm. Click here to learn more and RSVP.

  • Sip @ SoMa Pop-Up Thursday, May 16 - Saturday, May 18, A three day East End Brewing Company pop-up in Harrisburg! Click here for more info.

  • FRESH FEST SILENT DISCO AND CAN RELEASE Friday, May 17, Get our new For The Culture 2.0 collaboration, and a sneak preview of this year's Fresh Fest. Click here for tickets & info.

The MAGIC of Barleywine

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 5.29.51 PM.png

Barleywine (or “Barleywine Style Ale”  as the feds make us call it on our labels) is the true granddaddy of beers. Or at least it is in my mind.

Brewing barleywine calls for a specific step... in a normal brew day, after the mash, the first liquid that comes off the grain bed is highly concentrated sugar. On a typical beer, that grain bed is rinsed (or “sparged”) continuously from above while the sweet liquid is drawn off from below.  

As brewers, we carefully monitor the concentration of this runoff. And if it’s a barleywine, we cut it off just as soon as it starts to dip... that way we only get the strongest concentration of liquid possible. And from this, we brew barleywine.  

The process isn’t the only thing that’s unique about this beer style. Because of the density of sugar we start with, we also get an incredible density of FLAVOR. And because that sugar results in higher alcohol in the finished product, the combination of that flavor density and alcoholic strength makes for a beverage with incredible longevity. 

(Side note: 99% of the world’s beer supply is designed to be consumed FRESH. Barleywine is one of just a handful of styles that can improve with age. So please plan your consumption accordingly!) 

Note here that I didn’t say “shelf life”. That’s because the flavor of a barleywine will shift dramatically with age. Drink one that’s 3 months old and you might get a bright, hoppy flavor and a crisp bitter finish. Taste one that’s 5 years old and you’ll likely find that the hops are pretty much gone, and a rich depth of malt character has taken it place.

So you may find you gravitate toward beers at one end of this timeline or the other. Or perhaps like me, you’ll be intrigued and captivated by all of the above... and even barleywines with 10+ years on them.

But by far, the biggest risk of handling beers like this is knowing when to drink them. The tendency is to save them for a special occasion, when in reality, any day you open a beer you’ve been holding for a while becomes a special occasion!

Maybe you’re new to craft beer, or maybe you’re new to barleywine. Or hey, maybe you’re even new to East End Brewing. So I’ll mention now that we brew a barleywine called Gratitude. And we’ve been brewing it for FIFTEEN YEARS, with exactly the same recipe.  

So that means that if you can get your hands on some vintage stock, you can line up a “vertical” tasting of multiple years with some friends and experience all of this cool aging stuff personally. And guess what? 

We’ve actually got a BUNCH of older vintages we’re going to make available here on Gratitude Release Day, on March 23. You can pick up single bottles from a year or two ago, or if you want to go deeper, we’ve got some “Stacked Vertical Packs” available too.  

Heck, you can even run two parallel tastings at the same time with one of the “Double Stacked Vertical Packs” (where half of the beers have been aged in a bourbon barrel) that we’ve put together for this year’s Gratitude Barleywine release day. More details HERE.


BiggerHop to distro, Eye Opener returns, and some glorious “nonsense”.


It’s February 1st, so that means we’ve still got a good hunk of this winter ahead of us. So we’ve cooked up a few BIG BEERS to carry you through. We’ll be releasing all of these at once on Saturday, February 9.

Bigger Hop season is upon us, and we’ve made a few tweaks to this one that we’re very excited about. It’s still a West Coast DIPA, with a super light pils malt body and a massive dank hit of Simcoe and Amarillo hops. But we dialed back the alcohol a little bit this year so as not to hurt you so much - down to 8.6% from last year’s 9.5% ABV.   

The cans got a new full-wrap label, which means we’re sending them into distribution. Soon you’ll be able to pick up these bright beauties “at a better beer store near you”, by the case, the 4 pack, and maybe even in singles. As always, if you don’t see Bigger Hop on the shelves of your favorite store in the next few weeks - ask them to stock it for you!

Eye Opener Coffee Porter is going into cans next week too. Or more accurately the beer we can’t call Eye Opener and just call Coffee Porter. To the TTB, this name somehow represents an illegal health claim and not “a small sense of enlightenment”. Maybe because the feds love irony? Hard to say.

This robust porter is conditioned on coffee beans from our GOOD FRIENDS and former roommates, Commonplace Coffee. We’ve been brewing this beer with their beans since way back when TJ just had a baby beard... even before this picture was taken.


We like to change up the coffee each year, since finding something new that works well with the malt, hops, yeast and water is part of the fun. And because we’ve learned a lot by having a coffee roaster share our building. This year we’re using Papua New Guinea Kunjin beans, roasted just down the road.

Mashugana Pastry Stout

A little over a year ago, we had a notion to brew something outside our comfort zone. Sure, we have plenty of Stouts in our lineup, and plenty of LARGE beers too. But this is our first dip into the newish category of “Pastry Stouts” just yet, so we decided to jump right in with a beer we’re calling Mashugana Pastry Stout.

If you happen to be someone who strictly adheres to the Reinheitsgebot, you should probably stop reading now.

We picked up 200 lbs of milk sugar, 50 lbs cocoa powder, 44 lbs Belgian dark chocolate, 50 lbs graham crackers, and 36 lbs marshmallows from the corner market and brought that to bear on a beer with an enormous grain bill.

The result was this huge, rich imperial stout with massive notes of chocolate and ginger, that has a thick sweet mouthfeel that just devastates the palate in all the right ways. Think DESSERT.

Mashugana is Yiddish for “nonsense”, and we decided that particular bit of nonsense could probably use one more layer of flavor to really pull it together. So we tucked it away in bourbon barrels to age for a year. And now it’s finally ready.


If you were at our GOOD WOOD Fest, you may have gotten a sample of this one. Or maybe you saw the mess left behind in our barrels after we pulled the beer out... so much chocolatey goodness. 

All three of these new cans will be released SATURDAY, February 9 at both locations when they open (10am at the Taproom in the Strip, 12pm at the Brewpub in Larimer). Prices per 4 pack of 16 oz cans: Mashaguna $20, BiggerHop $18, Eye Opener Coffee Porter $16. If there’s a line, it’s a limit of 1 case of each beer per person. No line, no limit. Come enjoy some heavy duty winter beers with us!

It’s 2019 and we just BOTTLED some beer. HUH???


Remember beer in bottles? Maybe go ask your grandparents about it... because there really was a time, a long long time ago, when breweries filled up skinny-topped, fragile glass containers with beer and that’s how you brought it home. Crazy, I know!!!

But that was at least 10 months ago, and times sure have changed since then. Yeah, the modern can has its advantages when it comes to being lightweight, easily recycled, less breakable, and generally doing a real bang up job of protecting beer from the evils of oxygen and light.

But bottles still have their place, and that’s because they are perfect for the one thing cans aren’t so good at: packaging mixed culture fermentation beers - also known as “funky beers”, or as we sometimes call them, in our beautiful native Pittsburgh dialect, “sahrs”...even though it can be a bit of a misnomer.

To be clear, I’m not talking about the tasty category of beers commonly known as Kettle Sours, or even Clean Sours. Stuff like Gose, Berliner Weisse, and still-emerging beer styles sour IPAs, that can finish up in a couple weeks  

I’m talking about real live mixed culture fermentation beers that can take a year or more to get there. Where the finished beer contains active cultures with some combination of lactobacillis, pediococus, brettanomyces, and more ordinary brewer’s yeast. These styles may or may not actually be tart in flavor, but they are definitely more challenging to produce! And given the risks of cross contamination involved, they are generally less common than kettle sours these days.

But they don’t really work well in cans. Bottles, finished with a cork and a cage, are one traditional package and that’s because they are ideally suited for the higher carbonation levels and longer maturation and cellar aging.

We sort of quietly released a beer last year in this 750ml cork and cage format called Saison La Seconde. It’s our Premiere Saison that’s been fermented with our favorite farmhouse yeast, and then secondarily aged on brettanomyces in red wine barrels for a year. We held it for about 3 months before the first release to let it develop, and now that it’s been a full year, and the Brett character has really come through, we’re ready to release more bottles from this same batch.


But I did start this off by saying that we recently bottled some beer... and it’s the third time we’ve made THIS one, so it might sound or look a little familiar. And even if you’ve not had it yet, it might taste a little familiar too:


From the label: 


It’s actually the same exact recipe, but fermented with a Brettanomyces-Lactobacillis culture, and then conditioned in red wine barrels for about a year.

It's ready to enjoy now, but will continue to develop and evolve in the bottle for years to come.

Light tartness, with flavors of blood orange and pink grapefruit pith make for a delightfully refreshing drinking experience.

Both of these beers will be flowing at this Saturday’s GOOD WOOD Fest, along with eight other East End Beers, some funky, some not. 

And we’ll be releasing both of these in bottles together at the Brewery and the Strip District Taproom, just as soon as they are ready. Think February. 

January GOOD BEER News

If it's January, that must mean our GOOD WOOD BARREL-AGED BEER FEST is just around the corner! Saturday, January 19th is our fifth annual event with our pals at Wigle Whiskey, and it's one of our best events of the year. Tickets are on sale now for this festival of beers that have spent time in wood; that includes whiskey barrels, gin, wine, oak foeders and more! Plus food from our GOOD FRIEND Justin Severino (more on that below)! This event will sell out so get your tickets (or designated driver tickets) at the link here.


As a reminder, you can always click on THE BREWPUB or THE TAPROOM under the TODAY'S BEERS heading on our website to see a current list of what's on tap. Here's a bit of what's currently on draft and coming soon:

  • Caution Slippy 8.2%  Our New England style Double IPA is on draft and in cans, with a sweet juicy taste hiding a robust 8.2% ABV.

  • Black Hop 7.3%  Black Hop is back; our Cascadian Dark Ale (aka Black IPA) balances a robust chocolate malt character with Atanum, Falconer's Flight, and Amarillo hops. On draft/Crowler/Growlers only. No cans this time.

  • Old Nebby 7.2%  A Stock Ale style, this brew has a rich malty flavor with a sweetness that masks its hefty 7.2% ABV. A terrific winter beer... and a sign that Old Knobby (the barrel aged version) is just 11 months away.


  • Green Giant All Citra IPA 7.2%  We're basically out of cans and almost out of draft of our West Coast style IPA. Get it now!

  • Guaba Guaba Hey 4.9%  Our Kettle Sour made with Pineapple and Guava is on its last legs. Sahrs fans, get dahn here!


  • Gratitude Barleywine 11.4% Our annual release of Gratitude (bottles) and Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude (cans) is coming soon, in February or March! We're waiting for the bird to tell us when she's ready, so stay tuned. We're hoping to do another small run of our original paper overwrap bottles too, for the nostalgic among you.

  • Brett Hop An old favorite is returning; this is BigHop in an open fermenter with Brettanomyces and lacto, after spending time in a red wine barrel. This will be a limited run of 750 ml cork & cage bottles. When are they out? When they're done conditioning in the bottle...we'll let you know. 

  • Tröegs Part Twö We had so much fun collaborating with Tröegs on our last beer (Born and Raised) that we're doing it again! More info (and draft) coming soon.


Soon, VERY SOON. We're putting in the finishing touches (did you guys know that restaurants need, like, a lot of plumbing and electricity?) and chef Justin Severino and his staff have been putting in a ton of work themselves to make this happen. You've probably noticed the booths and the windows, making the place look downright LEGIT.

We're hoping for a launch SOON... like very soon. And rest assured we will be making a VERY big deal about it. Having a restaurant here is going to change how we do business entirely, and we're super excited about all of the changes.

And sadly, speaking of changes...


Yep, no more dogs inside the Brewpub... or the Taproom. We know, it sucks. We've loved having happy furry friends join us for a beer over these last few years but the health department regs are very clear about this. We knew this was coming when we decided to open a restaurant. There's just no way to allow dogs inside a space where food is prepared, which means effective January 1st, we aren't allowing dogs inside anymore.
 But, dogs are always welcome outside on the patio at the Brewpub or at the tables outside in the Strip. Just not inside. Only licensed service animals will be allowed inside either venue.

So please, don't bring your pets inside. Doing so puts our business at risk of being shut down... so please, keep fido at home or outside with a pal while you grab a beer with us. Thanks!


We sometimes get questions on social media asking if we have cans available and we wanted to remind you that the answer is always YES! One of the reasons we wanted to expand out canned offerings is so we always have FRESH LOCAL BEER available for you in 4 or 6 packs. We always have Big Hop, Monkey Boy, and Fat Gary in 12oz cans, every day of the year, and we've got plenty of interesting stuff in 16oz cans too. We bet you'll find something to please any palette. So swing by, check out the cooler, and... BUY A GOOD FRIEND A GOOD BEER(TM). Hey that sounds good...someone ought to trademark it.

Don't be confused - this isn't the GOOD WOOD festival of BARREL AGED BEER... this is our brewery tour focusing on some of the very same beers! What kinds of beers work best in a whiskey barrel? Why are sours aged in wine or oak? What's a kettle sour? Can I lick the barrels? These questions and many more will be answered on our GOOD WOOD TOUR, Saturday January 26th at 1pm. Plus you'll get to sample some rare aged beers from our collection. Click here for tickets, and also, please don't lick the barrels.

Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday, January 9, 16, 23, 30
    PUB QUIZ, Buzzworthy Trivia at the Brewpub in Larimer every Wednesday (if that wasn't obvious) at 7pm. Free to play, Bring your own food, Win stuff!

  • Saturday, January 19
    GOOD WOOD FESTIVALTickets now on sale, 6-9pm. (We close at 5pm for regular service, so please plan accordingly)

  • Saturday, January 26
    GOOD WOOD TOUR at the Brewpub in Larimer, 1pm. Click here for tickets!

Farewell to La Palapa!

Friday, December 21 is a bittersweet day for us here at East End Brewing. Yes, of course we are so very excited about the construction of our new kitchen, and the dazzling beer-friendly menu that Justin Severino is planning to put in front of you in a matter weeks. But moving ahead sometimes means that you have to give up a bit of the past.

Ever since we met Jesus Martínez and the rest of the lovely people at La Palapa, way back in our days at the second incarnation of the Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip, they’ve held a special place in our hearts - and our stomachs. Many food truck partners have come and gone over the years, and in time, they all seem to move on in one fashion or another. They find a different spot that works better for them, or they just want to mix it up and go some place new. (And we TOTALLY get that!)... All but one of them that is: Even with the opening of their wonderful new brick and mortar restaurant at 2224 E. Carson Street, LaPalapa has remained a loyal Friday night fixture here at the Brewery for what seems like the very beginning of our days as a Brewpub.

Tomorrow, this run will come to an end. So PLEASE JOIN US for one last Taco Tfriday (sure, let’s call it that) with LaPalapa starting at 5pm. And if you order your 3 tacos (or 3 quesadillas) BEFORE you order a pint, we’ll throw in a free 6oz taster of something extra to help you celebrate.

Thanks again Jesus and everyone at La Palapa! We’ll see you soon (when we get a craving for those potato/poblano tacos and have to run to East Carson St).

BigHop Anniversary at Kelly's!


Scott here; back in December of 2004, I found myself in total darkness, on a loading dock in Homewood with a GOOD FRIEND of mine, putting a second half barrel of BigHop into the back of a pickup truck. It was a Monday night, generally a pretty slow night for beer. And it was also the first snowfall of the year, and we had gotten about 3 or 4 inches of fresh white powder. So I wasn’t expecting too many people to turn out for the BigHop tapping, the FIRST EVER release of an East End Brewing beer at Kelly’s in East Liberty.

But after an hour or two of resigning myself that it would be “a more intimate gathering”, people started trickling in... until eventually, we packed the house with family, friends, family friends, and GOOD BEER fans. So many in fact, that we kicked the first half barrel of (slightly under carbonated) BigHop, and I had to run back for another.


This Thursday marks the 14th anniversary of that night, and we’re going to reenact that evening at Kelly’s. Yes, of course there will be BigHop on tap, as there has been since that first night. And maybe some Black Strap Stout on the nitro tap, which we also poured samples of in 2004. I’ll be there, giving away EEBC pint glasses, BigHop T-shirts, BigHop hats, BigHop cans, and hey, how about some tickets to our January GOOD WOOD Fest too?

It’s all happening from 5-7pm at Kelly’s - and the beer will be properly carbonated this time. I promise. And who knows. It might even snow. 

December GOOD BEER News

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 10.32.11 AM.png

Holiday Beers & Cheers

There's snow on the ground as we write this, so clearly Snow Melt Winter Ale hasn't done its job. Therefore we're bringing out the big guns by releasing Homewood Reserve, our bourbon-barrel-aged Black Strap Stout, in cans on Saturday, December 1. This is a big, roasty stout aged in bourbon barrels for that sweet boozy finish that's perfect for Winter. They are $15 for a 4 pack of 16oz cans, on sale Saturday, December 1 at 10am in the Strip and 12pm at the Brewpub in Larimer. Note that this is a can release only; we won't have any on draft.

For the holidays themselves, we'll be closed on Monday, December 24 and Tuesday, December 25 at both locations, as well as Monday, December 31 and Tuesday, January 1. Nice when the dates work out like that!


As a reminder, you can always click on THE BREWPUB or THE TAPROOM under the TODAY'S BEERS heading on our website to see a current list of what's on tap. Here's a bit of what's currently on draft and coming soon:

  • Black Strap Stout NITRO 6.2%  Made with real black strap molasses, this is our longest-running stout, brewed in the winter time, and smooth as silk on nitro. Stop in to either location for a pint!

  • Little Hop 4.4%  Our rotating session IPA is always made with a different hop variety to keep things interesting; this batch is made with an experimental variety from Hopsteiner, #09326. Enjoy!


  • Big Hop Harvest 6.8%  Our wet-hopped version of Big Hop features fresh locally-grown hops for an evolving hop character. It's almost gone on tap with just a few cases left.

  • Partly Clahdy 6%  Our original New England Style IPA is tasting great but running low on draft. But grab a case while they're still here.


  • Old Nebby 6.9%  Our Stock Ale (a malty, complex old-style ale) will be coming out on draft soon. Quick, somebody tell Rick Sebak!

Save the date for our Holiday CRAFTS AND DRAFTS on Saturday, December 15 from 12-5pm! We’ll be bringing a bunch of great local artists and vendors into our brewery for some last-minute holiday shopping, along with food from La Palapa, Traditional Mexican Kitchen and desserts from Leona's Ice Cream! Plus a free sample of East End Brewing beer - and Assemble PGH will be here with crafting activities for the kids. Best of all: it's free! Let us know if you're coming!


For many of us in the craft beer game, Sierra Nevada may have been the first craft beer we ever had...back before we called it "craft". They literally changed the game when they created the definitive American version of the Pale Ale and have remained a proudly independent, world-class brewery.

Located in Northern California near the Camp Fire disaster area, Sierra Nevada just took the unprecedented step of emailing pretty much every brewery in America and asking them to pitch in on a recovery effort the best way we all know how: with beer. 

Using donated grains and hops, Sierra Nevada is asking breweries across the country to brew Resilience Butte County Proud IPA from their recipe and sell it on draft, donating all the proceeds to the Camp Fire Relief Fund. No one's ever done anything like this before, and we're proud to be a part of it. A bunch of Pittsburgh breweries are coming together to brew a big batch here at East End on Tuesday, and the kegs will start to find their way to local breweries around town within the next few weeks. And yes, ALL SALES at these breweries will go to the cause!

We'll keep you updated on the progress, and watch for some more content as the brew day unfolds. We've said it before and we'll say it again: the craft beer community is the best in the world and continues to amaze and inspire us. Join us in raising a glass of Resilience soon.

Online Shopping

Holiday shopping is a drag. You know what everyone likes? BEER and SWAG. Head on over to our online store (or stop in to either location) to pick up some great new t-shirts, hoodies, enamel pins, or an East End Brewing Gift Card. This holiday, give the gift of beer!

Heck, you can even BUY A GOOD FRIEND A GOOD BEER(TM) from the comfort of your phone... they can redeem it at either of our locations just by showing the bartender! Just click here.


And speaking of Gift Cards, we've got a GREAT deal for you on some GREAT beer. Buy a $50 gift card in person at the Brewpub in Larimer and get a FREE bottle of our 2016 Homewood Reserve vintage, while supplies last! Make someone else happy...and make yourself happy too.

It's a Miracle! The 12 Beers of Christmas Returns!
There really IS a Santa Claus; our 12 Beers of Christmas case is returning (with a slightly different lineup) to save the holidays for one day only, Sunday, December 23rd. For just $65 you'll get 24 cans, two of each of these varieties:

- Big Hop American Ale (12 oz can)
- Fat Gary Nut Brown Ale (12 oz can)
- Monkey Boy Hefeweizen (12 oz can)
- Partly Clahdy NE IPA (16 oz can)
- Green Giant Citra IPA (16 oz can)
- Snow Melt Winter Ale (16 oz can)
- Rescueberry Shake Fruited IPA (16 oz can)
- Britsburgh Ale Nitro Can (16 oz can)
- Highway to Huell Pilsner (16 oz can)
- Big Hop Harvest Wet-Hopped Ale (16 oz can)
- For the Culture Brut IPA (16 oz can)
- Homewood Reserve (16 oz can)

We may even have a few cases available at the Taproom in the Strip, so stay tuned to social media, and let's make this the happiest holiday of all! Note: gift cards not valid for this purchase.

We've all been here: it's December 22, your relatives are in town, and you've run out of things to talk about. Well this year, instead of listening to Uncle Morty's views on soda refills at restaurants, why not do something everyone (over 21) can enjoy, and take a BREWERY TOUR?

This $25 tour is a great value as you learn all about how our beer is made (literally GRAINS to GLASS), plus you get to sample four of our beers, AND when you leave you get a free Growler of a beer on draft, or a $15 voucher towards anything in the bar. Let US do the talking and you do the learning & drinking. Click here for tickets.

Join us for the 5th annual Good Wood Barrel-Aged Beer fest on Saturday, January 19 from 6-9 PM! 

We will have 20 local Pittsburgh-based breweries will be sharing their best barrel-aged brews alongside a tasting of Wigle spirits!

The full price $50 ticket gets you a snifter glass for beer sampling (and to take home), unlimited barrel-aged beer sampling, and Wigle spirit sampling! Click here for regular admission tickets.

We also offer a $15 designated driver ticket that includes a snifter glass and our homemade Barmy ginger ale! Be sure to purchase your designated driver ticket on the Wigle DD page here

Upcoming Events:

  • Saturday, December 1
    HOMEWOOD RESERVE CAN RELEASE, both locations when doors open (10am in Strip, 12pm in Larimer).

  • Wednesday, December 5, 12, 19, 26
    PUB QUIZ, Buzzworthy Trivia at the Brewpub in Larimer, 7pm. Free to play! Bring your own food.

  • Thursday, December 6
    POETRY & PINTS, now at the Taproom in the Strip, 6:30-8pm.

  • Sunday, December 9
    BEER BELLY YOGA at the Brewpub, 10am. Click here to rsvp!

  • Saturday, December 15
    HOLIDAY CRAFTS AND DRAFTS at the Brewpub in Larimer, 12-5pm.

  • Saturday, December 22
    GRAINS TO GLASS TOUR at the Brewpub in Larimer, 1pm. Click here for tickets!

  • Sunday, December 23
    12 Beers of Christmas variety packs on sale today only!

  • Monday, December 24, Tuesday, December 25, Monday, December 31, Tuesday, January 1
    CLOSED at both locations