Ready for a bigger commitment?  You've got 3 options:


Yes, you can get kegs here at the source! To keep the beer fresh and tasty, we don't keep much stock on hand, but with 3-4 days of notice, we can put just about any "current beer" into any size keg you need - 1/2, 1/4, 1/6. 

Check our Taplist App for an up to date list of currently available beers. 



You can pick up a keg from Vecenie Distributing in Millvale. They're our "Master Distributor", so that means they keep all our regular offerings well-stocked in their coolers.  But since they don't carry absolutely everything that's available at the brewery, your best bet is to give them a call and see what's available: 412-821-4618.



Your local corner beer distributor can get kegs of anything we're distributing through Vecenie - and in fact, that's who they get it from.  So if the Brewery or Vecenie are not especially convenient to you, talk to your local distributor.  In all likelihood, they can bring in a keg of East End Beer in a couple days.  Just let them know to get it from Vecenie.



  • All our kegs have a ball-lock style fitting, also called "American Sanke", the most common style today.

  • A half is 15.5 gallons, equal to about 7.5 cases of 12oz containers.

  • A quarter is 7.5 gallons, equal to about 3 cases of 12oz + a 6 pack.

  • A sixtel is 5 gallons, equal to about 2 cases of 12oz + a 6 pack.

  • Our sixtels are 25" high and 8.5" across. We have slightly shorter 23.5" sixtels now too, so specify tall or short if it matters to you.

  • Our tall quarters are 21.75" high and 12.5" across, and we have some that are 23.5" high.

  • Our halves are 23.5" high and 16" across.



  • Beer will be cold when you get it. We have taps, but we do not carry ice, cups, or tubs.

  • Kegs may be picked up/returned during regular Growler Hours ONLY, at the Brewery Location ONLY.

  • Taps and 1/6 barrel kegs have a $50 deposit, 1/4 and 1/2 barrel deposits are $100. We know these are kinda steep, but you get 100% of this back when you make the return. Consider it an incentive.

  • Credit Cards are the only form of payment we take for Keg and Tap Deposits. So that means no cash, no checks, and no BEER MONEY.

  • You can pay for the beer side of things with cash or credit card .

  • Our keg is due back in 2 weeks.

  • After 60 days, we can’t process a refund to your card. So your deposit will be in BEER MONEY, that you can use for future EEBC purchases.

  • Deposits for Keg Swaps (bringing in an old EEBC keg, buying a new EEBC keg) will be fully processed every time. Old deposits will be refunded, new deposits will be charged, fresh beer will be provided.

  • Our keg prices are based on our Growler Prices, and keg size. So if you know the Growler Price for your beer, you can use it to figure out the Keg Price below:

If Growler is… then a keg will run you...

Half   Quarter    Sixtel

$12...    $170     $100     $75

$15...     $200    $123    $90

$18...     $230     $145    $105

Drop us an email when you're ready to order, and we’ll get back with you to confirm all the details.