(Edit: The GBIP has ended. This page is just here for historical reference.)

WE REALLY COULD USE YOUR HELP:  One of the most common question people ask me at the brewery is “Do you ever need investors?”  And thanks to your support for the last 6 years, the answer has always been “No, but thanks for offering.”  Fortunately, we’ve always managed to stay out in front of our ever-growing demand by making modest investments every year: new refrigeration, new fermenters, new kegs, and of course new beers.  But we always knew that one day we’d run out of room here on Susquehanna Street, and we’d need to make THE BIG STEP.

Well, that day has come.  And even though it’s something we’ve been working on for years, it’s still a pretty significant step for us.  So we’re asking you, our GOOD BEER Fans, if we can take you up on that offer… if it still stands.

To be clear: We’re not selling the brewery, we’re not selling stock, and this is not an IPO.  We’re not taking on Partners or Investors in any kind of traditional way.  What we are offering is exactly what we’ve always offered: Fresh Local Beer.  But we’d like to see if you’re willing to change the payment terms a bit, to help us make this next BIG STEP.

Here’s what we’re thinking…

  • WHAT YOU ALREADY DO: Let’s say you’re the kind of GOOD BEER Fan that comes in to the brewery about once every two weeks to get your two growlers filled… one for you, and one for your other half, so you can keep everyone happy in your house.  You’re spending about 20 bucks with us every two weeks.  Sometimes it’s less when you skip a visit.  Other times around the holidays, Steeler games, Pens playoffs, or for a special big bottle release, it will be more.  But let’s go with 10 bucks a week – and in fact, let’s call it 500 bucks a year, just to keep it simple.  Sound about right?


  • HOW YOU CAN HELP US GROW:  But what if instead of paying as you go, you paid for all that GOOD BEER up front?  Let’s say you cover your tab for say, 2 years.   In return for this investment, you’ll get $1,000 in “BEER MONEY” vouchers to spend at the brewery.  And by doing so, you’ll provide us with a nice chunk of capital to fund the rest of our expansion.



…come in $10 and $20 increments.

…can be used any place we fill Growlers, on anything we sell.

…never expire.

…are transferrable.  So you can BUY A GOOD FRIEND A GOOD BEER.TM

If after 3 years you’ve not redeemed them all, you can cash out whatever is left.  That’s right.  Hang on to them for as long as you like and keep spending them with us, or return the unused amount and we’ll cut you a check for the balance.  By then we should have our heads over water and be able to cover it.

  • A SECURE INVESTMENT: This is the safest kind of investment we can come up with.  You’re definitely not going to make any money with this, but because it can never go down in value, you know exactly what your payout will be.  But most of all, you’ll be able to say that you own a piece of a local brewery, and helped them make a huge growth step.


  • WILL THIS REALLY HELP?  Definitely!  We’ve managed to tuck away enough in personal savings and home equity to make our building purchase and cover some of the brewing equipment and installation costs, but we’ve still got a pretty sizable gap to fill.  If we can find 100 willing and able GOOD BEER Fans out there to “invest” $1,000 each, we’ll have another 100k to work with, and that means a whole lot less we need to come up with from a bank.


  • MORE THAN JUST “HOUSE CREDIT”: To show you how much we appreciate your help, when you invest, you immediately become a part of our GOOD BEER INVESTOR GROUP, which comes with all kinds of perks:
    • Bragging rights to anyone who will listen that you own a piece of a brewery.   Because you really will - until you drink it all up or eventually cash out.
    • Your very own “BUY A GOOD FRIEND A GOOD BREWERY” t-shirt so you can prove it!
    • Invitation for 2 to a Private Grand Opening Shindig at the new brewery
      • Taste from the very first batch brewed on the new Brew House.
      • Go on private tours of the new brewery.
      • See your name on the wall, listing you as one of our GOOD BEER INVESTORS.
      • Plus a few other surprises we’ve got cooking here.
    • First dibs at our new bottle releases for the next 3 years.
    • And of course you’ll get $1,000 worth of those “BEER MONEY” vouchers good for anything we sell, any place we sell it…like we already talked about.


GREAT!  Now please read through all of our FAQs.  I want to be 100% certain you know how this will work before you sign on.



Q: Why should I donate money to a brewery?
A: Actually, it's not a donation. It's more like a 3yr loan, a CSA share, or even a simple Gift Certificate that you can spend any time you like... on beer.  Or save it for 3 years, and collect it all in cash.

Q: The newspaper said you have 500k. Is that really true?
A: Ehhhh, no. (I wish!) But that's how it came across in the article, didn't it? In reality, 500k is our total budget for this expansion: new building, plus the cost to buy and install the new brewing equipment we'll need there.  Between the down payment on the building and new equipment, we're shy by about 250k, and we're hoping to put together 100k of that through this program - or more.  So that’s why we're asking for your help.

Q: How much will I make on this investment?
A: Nothing. And I can guarantee that.  This "GOOD BEER Investment Program" pays off like a change machine with a 3 year time delay. If you're looking for strong Investment Vehicle for your life savings, with a solid Return on Investment, this probably isn't for you. In fact, I'm certain of it.

Q: Can I split one of these, like I split a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription?
A: Yes - and that's a great comparison.  The only catch is that you'll have to figure out among yourselves how to divvy up the t-shirt and some of the other benefits listed here.

Q: Can another small business buy a share, and distribute vouchers to our staff as a unique perk?
A: Yes. What a wonderful idea! And what an awesome workplace environment you have there.

Q: Are these vouchers only good for Growlers of beer?
A: Nope, you can spend them on anything we sell: hats, t-shirts, pint glasses, sodey-pop, bottled offerings, even kegs.  The only thing you can't spend them on are Gift Certificates and the other beer subscriptions that we offer.  Because that could create a potentially lethal beer-credit-vortex and the whole brewery would collapse into a voucher-shaped singularity... Ahem. (I told you I wasn't JUST a beer geek.)  Well, not really, but you still can't spend vouchers on that stuff.  It just makes things too complicated.  But of course they are transferrable, so you can pass them out as you see fit, or put on a red suit and stuff them into Christmas stockings.

Q: Is there a limit to how many of these you are offering?
A: Initially, yes. We need to print vouchers, so we need to do that print run for specific amount - and for now, that amount is $100k.  But if there is enough additional interest, we’ll likely do another round of investment.  Because the more GOOD BEER Investors we have, the less we have to get from a bank…and that’s huge for us.

Q: Where do I sign up?
A: Right here.  Just keep scrolling down… you’ve made it this far!




With no transaction costs or credit card fees, we get the most out of your investment if you do it this way.  Make checks payable to “East End Brewing Co.”, and you MUST include the following inside the envelope with your check:

  • Name (Just one name please. If you’re doing a “group buy”, pick someone from the group that you can trust with your BEER MONEY.) 
  • T-shirt size
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address (So we can send you your investor packet.)
  • Email Address

And then send it to: 

EEBC: GOOD BEER Investment Program

6923 Susquehanna St. (Edit: this is an old address)

Pittsburgh, PA 15208


While we’d like to skip the credit card fees and payment processing charges, we understand the need to make this easy.  So if mailing a check is a pain, this works fine.  Because we also realize that an Investment from you with fees is a whole lot better than No Investment at all… even if it costs about $30.



Between printing the counterfeit-proof GOOD BEER Vouchers and collecting all the T-shirt sizes, it will take us a little while to get all of this together.  So first off you’ll get an email acknowledging that your investment has been received and deposited.  Then a few weeks later, the GOOD BEER Investor Packet will arrive in your mailbox, with the rest of the goodies, and you’ll be ready to roll.

For each $1,000 GOOD BEER Investment in East End Brewing, you will get:

  • ONE “BUY A GOOD FRIEND A GOOD BREWERY” T-shirt, in a size of your choosing.
  • TWO Tickets to our Grand Opening Celebration at the new location.
  • THREE years of “First Dibs” Access to all East End Brewing big-bottle releases.  (This is purchasing rights for two people.  You can bring other friends, but only two from each GOOD BEER Investor Packet can make purchases. Also, quantity limits may apply, depending on the beer.)
  • 25 x Twenty Dollar BEER MONEY Vouchers and…
  • 50 x Ten Dollar BEER MONEY Vouchers.
  • A KAJILLION thanks for your support in helping us make this next big step

Seriously, thank you for considering this investment in East End Brewing.  In addition to some nice perks, know that you’ll be helping to support one of your favorite local breweries in a REAL and TANGIBLE way.  And again, thank you for all of your support of all that we do - past, present, and future.  Without you, none of this would be possible.

Cheers – Scott

East End Brewing Co., Pittsburgh, PA