We've been brewing our Gratitude Barleywine with the exact same recipe since our very first year, as an annual thanks to you, our GOOD BEER Fans, for supporting us throughout these many years.  We've moved from hand-screened paper wraps to bottles to cans of bourbon-barrel-aged barleywine and we know it can be confusing. That's why we're here to help with the DEFINITIVE GRATITUDE GUIDE. If you find a bottle out in the wild, here's your guide to which one it is.

First thing to note: We assign the year to the beer based on the BREW DATE, since that's when the yeast starts working and it starts being beer. Not the release date.

Year Bottles Filled Wax Color Label Bird Notes
2005 500 Red Crow Paper wrap
2006 1300 Orange Chickadee Paper wrap
2007 1500 Yellow Goldfinch Paper wrap
2008A 1400 Green House Sparow Subtle burnt flavor in finish. Labeled but never waxed, signed, numbered, nor sold. Paper wrap. Not available.
2008 700 Green House Sparow Dark purple ink on label instead of black ink. Paper wrap.
2009 1500 Blue Blue bird Paper wrap
2010 1500 Indigo Indigo Bunting Paper wrap.
2011 1500 - (Unlabeled) Bottles never carbonated, not labeled, waxed, signed, no sold. Some draft sold. Aka "Flatitude I"
2012 1300 - (Unlabeled) Bottles never carbonated, not labeled, waxed, signed, no sold. Some draft sold. Aka "Flatitude I"
2013 1600 Violet Purple Martin First batch of Gratitude brewed on new brewhouse, and successfully bottle conditioned. Paper wrap.
2014 ??? Red Raven First bottle released in 22oz size without paper wrap.
2014 1100? Red Raven First Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude, in 22oz bottles
2015 1500? Orange Chickadee
2015 ??? Can Raven Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude, first time in 16oz cans. Year on bottom of can.
2016 1500? Yellow Goldfinch
2016 ??? Can Raven 16oz can. Year on bottom of can
2017 250 Green Grackle Hand-screened paperwrap on 750 ml bottle Limited Edition!
2017 1250 Green House Sparrow 22oz bottle
2017 ??? Can Raven 16 oz can. Year on bottom of can