It's not the first time we had a bunch of Squares at EEBC.  But this time, it'll be a little bit larger, and a LOT more LIVELY! 

This will be the last event in our Brewpub's Grand Opening WEEK OF SHENANIGANS, so let's send it off in style!  Yes, we're talking about an actual square dance, IN THE BREWERY!  Featuring...

  • Live music by the Haygood Paisleys!

  • Dance called by party gal and professional square dance cajoler, Janine Smith!

  • Live BEER by EEBC!

... All of this is brought to you by the STEEL CITY SQUARES, your first step for all things Square Dancing in the 'Burgh. 

I know, you're saying "Oh wow, that sounds fun! But I don't know a damn thing about Square Dancing."  Well, don't worry.  This is a NO experience needed, NO partner needed, NO fancy costumes needed, kind of thing.  All the dances are EASY to learn, and they are quickly taught before the band starts to play.  You might need to set your glass down from time to time though.

It's just 10 bucks at the door, and includes your first beer - maybe even a Grand Opening glass too, if we have any left at this point in the week.  We're not doing any advanced ticketing for this, so just show up.  Space is limited.  Doors at 6:00, Music at 6:30, Dance at 7:00. And we won't start chasing you out until 10pm.

Hope to see ya'll here!