The snow is falling, so that means it's pretty clear that Barleywine season is upon us. And as usual, I'm a little late in getting this release date posted - mostly because we've been trying to figure out if Barrel Aged Gratitude will be ready for release the same time as regular Gratitude. After much tasting and discussion, it's our consensus here that we need to give this beer a few more months in oak to do its thing. Some things just can't be rushed, and this particular "thing" is high on our list!

But since we don't want to keep regular Gratitude from you any longer than necessary, we've decided to move ahead with getting it released in as soon as we are able.

Yes, that means we're doing TWO Barleywine releases this year... Gratitude on March 12th, and Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude sometime in April or May. (Possibly during Pittsburgh Craft Beer week if we can line it up!)

And for this second release, we're cooking up something special to make it a day-long fun fest, packed with foods, special beer samplings, cask barleywine, bottle share action, and a few other things we're still cooking up here. But you'll have to wait a while for that.

So to be clear, all of the following info applies to the March 12th release date only...


UPDATE: We are releasing most of this year's Gratitude Barleywine on this day... about 1,000 bottles. In addition to keeping some back for variety packs to be offered later on, we're also saving some to release with Barrel Aged Gratitude in a few months, and some to release in subsequent years.

If last year is a guide, we will sell through close to, if not all of these bottles on this day.  (Barrel Aged Gratitude completely sold out on release day.) So, if you absolutely want some, you should come on Release Day, or at least send a GOOD FRIEND to collect some on your behalf.


So that everyone gets a crack at some, just like last year, we're limiting the purchase of Gratitude bottles to one case, per person, per visit. Regular EEBC bottle limit rules apply, so this means you can get back in line if you want to get more.  Or if there is no line, there's no limit.

However, if we see more than say 100 people in line at noon when we're ready to open the doors, we'll drop this limit down to a half a case.  And we may decide to drop it even further if we feel it's a necessary step to make sure everyone gets some.


We're opening up our Brewpub at 10am this Saturday, so you can come in out of the sun/rain/snow/wind or whatever nature decides to do to us on Saturday. We'll have Eliza's Oven in here serving hot, tasty eats, and we're running a BUNCH of Gratitude variations, barrel aged beers, and more on tap by the glass and taster flight (no Growlers, no Crowlers), plus we'll have our regular draft lineup in full swing for pints, tasters, Growlers, and Crowlers as usual.

Gratitude 2015 bottle sales still won't start until 12 noon, as originally planned, and we'll still do that by wrist banding people so you don't have to remain standing in the order in which you arrived. We'll just line everyone up numerically before opening the doors to the barrel room at noon. We'll also have a bunch of other big bottles available this day too.

Bottle sharing is cool here, both in the lot, before we open our doors, and in the tap room up until noon. But we ask that you clear the lot of it at 10:00 when we move inside, and that you completely wrap it up in the taproom by noon when we start Gratitude bottle sales. ...In fact, we will wait until this happens before we start bottle sales.

There will be a lot of BIG BEERS in the room, and the day can easily get away from you if you aren't careful. Anyone visibly intoxicated (regardless of the source) will be refused service of beer of any kind, including confiscation of outside beer. But we don't want to do that any more than you want us to... so just be responsible, watch out for your neighbor, and we'll all get along just fine.  Here's the lineups, any pricing shown here does not include sales tax...

DRINK HERE BEER (Draft unless otherwise stated):

2015 Gratitude Barleywine

2013 Gratitude Barleywine

2012 Gratitude Barleywine

2010 Gratitude Barleywine

2008A Gratitude Barleywine (bottle)

2015 BBA Fatter Gary (bottle)

2015 WheatHop (bottle)

2015 Old Knobby (BBA)

2015 Homewood Reserve (BBA)

2013 Toaster Imperial Stout (9th Anniversary edition)

2013 Monkey's Uncle Weizenbock

We're offering 13oz pours of anything on this list for $6, and 3oz sampler flights at 5 for $10.


DRINK HERE OR TAKE HOME (In a Growler or Crowler)

Since this is in flux, here is a LINK to our current taplist for the Brewery.



2015 Gratitude Barleywine Bottle $19/bottle, $228/case

2008A Gratitude Barleywine $15/bottle, $180/case

2010/2011 Flatitude Barleywine $4/bottle, $40/case

Old Nebby $9/bottle, $99/case*

Old Knobby $11/bottle, $121/case*

WheatHop $9/bottle, $99/case*

BBA Fatter Gary $11/bottle, $121/case*

2015 Homewood Reserve $11/bottle, $121/case

* - This works out to a free bottle with case purchase.


We've sold through most of the older stock from the previous years, but we have a few exceptions left. There are no purchase limits on these cases, and you can get tasters and glasses of just about anything here in the taproom.

  • Variety Case: We've only got 2 of these left. 12 different big bottles, including a 2014 Gratitude and a 2014 BBA Gratitude. $155/cs (no discount on this one)
  • Ultimate Six Pack... One case of each of our most popular big bottles: 2015 Gratitude, OldNebby, OldKnobby(BBA), WheatHop, BBA FatterGary, HomewoodReserve(BBA). $775**
  • Bourbon-Barrel-Aged Mixed Case (4 FatterGary, 4 OldKnobby, 4 HomewoodReserve) $121* 

* - This works out to a free bottle with each case purchase.

** - This works out to a free bottle with each case purchase, AND another $15 bucks off for rounding. And because this is a biggie, we'll also throw in two Fancy Schmancy Glasses and a Gratitude tshirt in a size of your choosing.



Me neither. As it turns out, auctioning off beer is a pretty complicated task these days. Once we realized this, we decided to do it THIS year, and do it with a raffle instead, with the drawing happening at Gratitude Release Day.

Some background: Our GOOD FRIEND, Fat Gary (yes, this is an actual guy, not just a beer) has donated his personal Gratitude stash to charity, and we're happy to help him do it. All of the proceeds from this auction will go to his charity of choice, The Amyloidosis Foundation

We also now have a second vertical to raffle off as well, donated by Al from Al's of Hampden, aka PizzaBoy Brewing Company. When he heard about the first once, he immediately donated his set to the cause as well.

Can you believe this guy??? How awesome is this? It's not a complete vertical, as I seem to recall him cracking open the 2005 when he bought the set originally, pouring himself some, and passing it on to the room. (Yes, I distinctly remember seeing that totally classy move!)

We've supplemented both sets a little bit here to make them each a little more "complete".

Here's a link to the RAFFLE.

Cheers - Scott