It's November, so whether you like it or not, this means cold snowy weather isn't that far off... but we've got just what you need to keep Winter's chill at bay and melt the fog off of your Glasses at the same time: 

SnowMelt Winter Ale is a rich, malty, deep ruby-red, winter ale, best used for warm gatherings, holiday toasting, and general frost avoidance. Released with the first snowflakes of the year, and lasting until it all melts in March (if we're lucky)...or maybe April.

This year, we've managed to get a whole bunch brewed and ready for you in early November (as in NOW!), and we've come up with a fantastic way to release it with another round of Crafts and Drafts here at the Brewery.

Check out our Facebook event page to see all the details about the art, food, and beer that will be dazzling your senses here later this month. 

See you here?

Photo by Matt Dayak