As part of our Festival of Darkness(TM) release this winter, we've included a tasty little 5%abv beer we brewed with some Honey from our GOOD FRIENDS at The Porch at Schenley.

Here's the rundown from the PG Article.

It all started last Spring when The Porch was our secret destination for our annual Charity Keg Ride.  If you can, picture the lawn next to the Cathedral of Learning in Oakland, packed with 600 GOOD BEER Fans and their bikes, each sipping from a pint of PedalPaleAle on a warm and sunny, Saturday afternoon (hard to imagine on a chilly gray day in January, I realize).  Now picture what had to have been more than a few bees making their way from the rooftop hives at The Porch making their way to a few of these pint glasses to sample a little sweetness from all that beer (as bees are known to do... hop heads that they are), to take back to the hive with them.

Since a little East End Beer made its way into the honey supply, it's only fitting that a little of this honey makes its way into a little bit of East End Beer!

Thus, our Honey Heather Ale was born.  And you can come taste it at the place where all this busy buzzy activity too place this Wednesday from 5-8pm.  Admission to the event is free.  We'll have samples, we'll have happy hour pricing on pints, we'll have brewers, and we'll have bee keepers.  Will we have you there too?