• East End Brewing (map)
  • 147 Julius Street
  • Pittsburgh, PA, 15206
  • United States

‘Ello yinzah!
Britsburgh is back and we’re excited to once again brew the namesake Britsburgh Ale for this week long celebration of all things British in Pittsburgh. Of course this time, we’ve asked our pals at Larder of East End to join the party. They'll be adding some special Britsburgh menu items for the kickoff on September 3, including the classic Bangers and Mash and Curried Chips!

This year's edition of Britsburgh Ale will be a classic English Mild Ale, a rich malt-forward 3.2% session beer, brewed with 100% UK ingredients - with the exception of our native Pgh City water (whose chemistry we adjust to match that of what you'd see in the UK, of course), and we're debuting it here at the Brewery on Tuesday, September 3 three different ways... 1. Served on regular draft.
2. In 4 packs of 16oz cans to take home.
3. And at 6:15pm on this day only, we'll be tapping a firkin of this beer to serve in the traditional British style, gravity dispense, with no outside CO2.

This last one is our favorite, not only because it's THE traditional way to serve a beer of this stye. But also because it's the commemorative Tony Knipling Cask, named for our dear departed friend, beer guru, and our original co-conspirator for Britsburgh Ale.

Britsburgh-Ale-curious draft accounts can pre-order kegs and cans from our distribution partners at Vecenie Distributing starting now, and we'll make sure you get them as soon as they are ready!