• Accamndo Community Center (map)
  • 2410 Saw Mill Run Blvd
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Our YOU ARE HERE Neighborhood series of beers continues with the release of OVERBROOK on Friday, June 21! This beer is a hazy Pale Ale brewed with Galaxy and Melba hops that comes in a crushable 4.8% ABV just in time for summer; fans of Chance A’ Shahrs will love this one. We’re also excited to announce that we’ll be doing an after work pop-up at the Accamando center, formerly the Overbrook Community Center at 2410 Saw Mill Run Blvd from 5-7pm on Friday June 21st.  The beers are $15 for a 4 pack of 16oz cans and go on sale at both locations on Friday as well as the after work pop-up. Special thanks to the Overbrook Community Council and Gold Medal Boxing of Pittsburgh for making this happen; come see us in Overbrook, taste the new brew, and bring some home to your neighborhood!

Overbrook is #2 in our series of 90 beers named after all of Pittsburgh's 90 neighborhoods.